• I live in Hell, 3B
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is If you're reading this you smell bad
  • I am Little Red Slicing Hood
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  • Hi Glitchguy, my name is Bullet Francisco. I am one of the administrators here on the Sonic News Network. I have messaged you to inform you of your block and demotion.

    Your block lasts two weeks and was due to your repeated violations of the "No personal attacks" and "Be nice" policies we have here on the Sonic News Network. Because you were warned by me before, and because of the nature and severity of what you did, this is why your ban duration is two weeks. You were blocked particularly because after we asked you to change your profile header (as it contained swearing), you decided to change it to "Bullet is a scrub", an insult. Evidence is provided in the following link:

    You were also relieved of your rollback rights, per Project:Administrators.

    Your block duration will not be reduced and I have not granted you the ability to edit your message wall. Thank you for your time.

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    • Pandoo wrote: Just going to leave my opinion if it helps anyone at all.

      While do I think Glitch is a disrespectful user, and he can go on without calling anyone a scrub (while he still persists), and I do mind it to some extent, because I just feel it's done out of some disguised negative intention, and not just "lol ur a scrub but it dun mean nuthin doe" - I could still be wrong, because let alone the word "scrub" isn't very offensive. It's probably just a minor way of showing heat, albeit, he shouldn't show heat anyway. Then again, he's more sarcastic than just one word.

      But I do agree he has a grudge against Bullet and makes it far too obvious and explicit to the wiki that he just doesn't like him. Glitch has more mature ways of dealing with his problems with Bullet and I've seen the two clash in petty arguments at times, and Glitch has been warned several times, but refuses and decides to play the immaturity card by calling him names. The case here is, it's pretty much just only Bullet, so banning him for 2 weeks would seem like a personal ban, not a constructed one that follows the rules. But in which case, for what I've said, Glitch warrants a ban, but a much more reduced one. Say, 1 week.

      I appreciate your comment, but I did consult other administrators (as I usually do) before banning him, so rest assured it was not a 'personal' ban. Given the feedback I have gotten, I'll reduce his ban to one week. I did demote him of his rollback rights as well, so I suppose a 1 week ban should suffice. Closing this thread now :)

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  • Seeing as how giving your rights back the hasty way didn't turn out as planned, would you like me to nominate you on the RfUR page instead? Or would you like to nominate yourself?  I'm also talking to Geeky about this, and I want to nominate both of you at the same time.

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