It's over.
I'm leaving.

I'm gone.

I can't stay here no more.

I can't sleep on the floor.

You know I got my reasons.

I had to knock down the wall.

I swear to God that I'm gone.

I've been doing this wrong.

I've been here for too long.

I don't wanna miss the boat.

I don't wanna sit in coach.

I don't wanna sit at home.

I gotta get where I'm going.

I'm afraid that I'mma die before I get where I'm going.

I know I'mma be alone.

I know I'm out on my own.

I just gotta hit the road.

I just gotta know the road.

I gotta go out and get it.

Want you to know what I did.

Want you to know how it went.

That's why I keep telling you over and over again.

Just let me go.

Let me bring it home to you.

No looking back when I'm gone.

No more.

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