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  • Can you make a transcript for Robot Battle Royale? I need something from it.

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  • Welcome back to the wiki. Thanks for adding another transcript page! Those take so much time without a pre-made script and it also takes time to wikify it. I just want to let you know your work is appreciated here and I hope to see more!

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  • I have noticed you take a great interest in writing transcripts here on SNN. As such, I believe that you might be able to help SNN needs for a semi-pressing project..

    First of all, know that I don't want to impose this on you. You have your right to follow your own projects and ideas, and if you don't want, you can just say "no". I just feel that you qualify for this, so excuse my bluntness.

    As you may or may not know, Sonic Runners has been taken down, which means no future gameplay is gonna be uploaded anywhere and that all videos of them will eventually disappear. However, that game also had a transcript for a story mode, which means that this transcript will disappear forever unless we get it written. This is were you come in: I was hoping you could write the transcript for Sonic Runners. I believe this will be easy for you since you have written on so many game transcripts.

    If you want to take up this project, please leave a response and we can discuss any further details you might want elaborated.

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  • Thank you for doing the Sonic Boom transcripts. They are really appreciated.

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