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Mesmer from Sonic the Comic #85. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

Mesmer is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a gray-furred goat who appeared in the British publication Sonic the Comic. He was an agent of Doctor Robotnik and a talented hypnotist. He was able to control the minds of others by means of a long wooden staff with a red jewel on one end.


Robotnik intended to use his powers to control the whole of Mobius, but as a first test of his abilities, he had Mesmer cast a spell over a village to make them think that they were worshipers of an Ancient Moon Goddess. Robotnik himself observed proceedings, disguising himself as a brown chicken who was the landlord of a local tavern named The Green Man.[1]

When Knuckles stumbled upon the village while transporting a chest back to the Floating Island,[2] Robotnik and Mesmer used the opportunity to kill the guardian. Mesmer convinced the townsfolk that legends had foretold of the coming of "the Red One" and that they needed to perform a sacrifice to the Moon Goddess to ensure a good harvest. They selected a young female sheep for the sacrifice and paraded her in front of the window to Knuckles' bedroom, leading the echidna to come and rescue her. However, this had been part of the plan, since the girl was also controlled by Mesmer. Having led Knuckles to a secluded spot for them to rest, she alerted the others and Knuckles was captured. Mesmer had Knuckles placed inside a large wicker, egg-shaped cage and tried to burn him alive.[3]

Knuckles was able to free himself by rolling the cage into a nearby river and smashing it on the rocks. He stole Mesmer's staff and used it to break the spell on all the townspeople before confronting Mesmer himself. At this point, Robotnik revealed himself and explained the plan to Knuckles. He also pointed out that, as ruler of the planet, Knuckles could not send him to prison, and thus Robotnik was perfectly safe unless Knuckles planned to kill him, something the echidna could not do. With Robotnik's laughter ringing in his ears, Knuckles was forced to leave Robotnik and Mesmer untouched.[1]


  • Mesmer is never seen introducing himself to Knuckles, and yet at the beginning of "Village of the Damned, Part 3", Knuckles already knows his name. It is presumed that Knuckles learned Mesmer's name between scenes.
  • Mesmer's depiction as a goat may have been intended as a reference to horned pagan deities such as Pan, or even the Devil, who in modern times is sometimes depicted with goat features.
  • Although Knuckles was seen taking Mesmer's staff, he was never seen destroying it and was not holding it when he left.


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