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Merhogs are creatures that appear in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. They are a species of aquatic Mobians that live underwater in Mertopia.



Merhogs appear as half-hedgehog, half-fish hybrids. They have the torso, arms and head of a hedgehog; their heads have hedgehog spines akin to Sonic's but with no spines down their backs. Below their waist, they have fish-like tails with scales. The Merhogs come in various pale colors consisting of green, pink, orange and yellow, with some deeper colors, like purple, for their belts or tails. The merhog queen as a red tail.

While Merhogs' physique look identical to one another, their queen is bigger, with a more human-like face and a large pointy nose.

Characteristics and culture

Queen merhog

Queen of the Merhogs

An entirely female race, the Merhogs live in Mertopia, a hidden city located in the caves of the ocean floor far off the coast of Mobius. Merhogs live under a monarchy with their queen as leader.[1]

Powers and abilities

Merhogs are natual swimmers and are able to stand on their tails and breathe both on land and underwater.[1]

Known Merhogs


  • Merhogs are inspired from mermaids, a mythological race who are believed to live in the ocean.
  • Other than Merhogs, there are also merfolk who live in Labyrinth. Unlike merhogs they appear more traditional to mermaids and mermen, albeit green and scaley all over.[2]


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