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Meh Burger Karaoke Night underway.

Meh Burger Karaoke Night[1] is an event that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a social occasion held at Meh Burger where attendants can perform musical numbers.


Meh Burger Karaoke Night is held during nighttime at the location of the same name. Here, visitors at Meh Burger are able to perform songs with recorded music on a decorated stage using a microphone and a public address system while the other guests at the restaurant get to watch.[1]


TV series

Season two

Sonic boom anything you can do i can do worse er by tanyatackett-das6xp4

Tails singing on Meh Burger Karaoke Night.

For a "friendly competition", Sonic and Tails bet that the loser had to perform a love at Meh Burger Karaoke Night. Declared the loser (despite technically winning), Tails would performing a less-than-average music number at the event for his team to see.[1]


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