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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Boy, I love Meh Burger. There's something about their mediocre food that really makes my stomach rumble.

Sonic the Hedgehog, "Eggman the Auteur"

Meh Burger is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a half-star[4] outdoor fast-food court in the Village Center owned by Mr. Slate. A part of a global corporation,[5] the restaurant is well-visited by the local inhabitants despite being barely a restaurant due to its low-rate standards.[6] The restaurant's manager is Dave the Intern.[7]



Meh Burger from above.

Meh Burger is an outdoor establishment. It consists of a cozy dining area (whose floor is covered in a layer of smudge, with only one clean spot[4]) with a fence surrounding it. In the back area lies the food stall with a stone oven where the customers place their orders. The dining area itself has tables and chairs for the public and commodities such as lanterns, televisions, parasols, food dispensers, and vending machines. Though not shown, Meh Burger also has bathrooms and a drive-through.[8] It also has its own warehouse two villages over, where it store its food products.[9]


At Meh Burger, customers can either eat what they have ordered in the dining area or order take-out to bring with them. The restaurant also has a delivery service that delivers the customers' orders to their place of residence.[5]

Meh Burger has a minimal staff that handles all daily tasks.[7] Amenities here are mainly reserved for the management; only these people are allowed to mop the bathroom and get employee discount.[8][10] Managers also oversee the employees (although that privilege was originally meaningless since Meh Burger only had one employee to begin with).[7] Employees with the rank of junior chef managers act as supervisors to new employees, yet work for less than the minimum wage.[11][12]

Meh Burger has its own employee uniform (dubbed the "Meh uniform"[5]). This uniform consists of a lavender shirt with yellow leaf-markings and a name tag.[12]

Meh Burger follows a simple, apathetic policy.[13] Their policy for their delivery service for example is "you get when you get".[5] As such, despite having several faithful visitors from all cultural groups, the restaurant is widely infamous for its sloppy service, sub-standards, unsanitary environment, and cheap products.[14] In fact, several people have compared Meh Burger to that of a dump or a rat-hole.[15][16] Despite this, Meh Burger does have a decent code of conduct written down; it is just not kept at all.[12] One rule the restaurant has is that only paying customers can break its plates.[17]

Meh Burger has customer complaint forms that visitors can serve to the staff, although these forms are largely ignored and instead used as napkin substitutes.[18]

Meh Burger has been known to hosts certain events, such as Tommy Thunder's fan-signing, promotional events, and the restaurant's own karaoke nights.[16][18][19] It also runs certain promotions, including an "all-you-can-eat" buffet.[20]

Meh Burger has its own mobile app of an unspecified function, although it is filled with malware.[21]

Meh Burger's VIP room.

Meh Burger has a special VIP area behind its main establishment that is reserved for only the biggest VIPs and their guests. This area is known only by the VIPs and is kept a secret to most other visitors. The VIP area offers much more regal accommodations, including hygienic and classy settings, first-class service and exclusive, top-class dishes.[16][22] Meh Burger also hands out VIP cards that grant discounts, although they are unrelated to the VIP area. In fact, the whole Meh Burger VIP program is a sham: its purpose is just to make disgruntled customers feel special. As such, nearly everyone in Hedgehog Village has a VIP card, although some customers are intentionally kept out of the loop to offset the discounts.[23]


Meh Burger has a wide assortment of everyday fast-foods. However, it has been remarked by many that the establishment's food products are mediocre or worse, and not very healthy or tasteful.[24][25][26] In fact, many of their products do not contain food at all (e.g. petroleum jelly is used instead of real butter[27]), and tests have shown that not even wild animals want to eat them.[28][29] Supposedly, the restaurant also has a rather limited condiment selection.

Among the foods Meh Burger sells is the "Just-a-buck" menu, which offers minimal food portions for loose change.[30] The restaurant also sells small packages known as "Meh Meals" (one of which includes the Meh Steak) which come with their own various "Meh Meal toys".[31][32] However, these toys are so cheaply made and have such sharp corners that they are downright health hazards.[16][29]

Some of Meh Burger's products include:

  • Hotcakes[27]
  • Humdrum rings[7]
  • Ice cream[14]
  • Meh Burger
    • Meh Burger with cheese[9]
    • Double Meh Burger[8][9] (comes also in "Savage Style"[38])
    • Double Meh Burger with cheese[9]
    • Super Meh Burger[9]
    • Super Meh Burger with cheese[9]
    • Meh Cheese Regal[14]
    • Meh Rib Sandwich (limited offer)[39]


TV series

Season one

Team Sonic trying to enjoy a slimy meal at Meh Burger.

Team Sonic paid a visit to Meh Burger for lunch which was ruined by Sticks' new disgusting robo-pet, Buster. However, the visit to Meh Burger was cut short when the team had to go stop a robbery at the DangerCo Deadly Equipment Warehouse.[36] Sonic and Amy later revisited Meh Burger for lunch, but Dr. Eggman cut in front of them, which Dave allowed. While Eggman gloatingly ate his meal, Dave impressed Eggman enough with his admiration of him to get a job as his intern. However, he was soon fired and he returned to Meh Burger, swearing revenge.[8]

Soar the Eagle later brought Dr. Eggman to Meh Burger where he gave the esteem-deprived doctor a small evil success by making him take a meal prepared for him by Dave without playing for it.[41] Another time, Dave would sow seeds on his burger at Meh Burger with the Mutant Seed Gun.[42] While later having lunch at Meh Burger, Team Sonic saw Eggman being interviewed about his recent success with his tomato sauce on the Comedy Chimp Show on the restaurant's TV. As Eggman then unveiled his plan to conquer the island with his robot cans, Meh Burger was attacked by its electronic appliances, turned into robots by the cans. Fortunately, Team Sonic destroyed the robots and stopped Eggman's scheme.[43]

Eggman, Sonic and Tails discussing the time loop at Meh Burger.

When time itself was caught in a time loop, Eggman met up with Sonic and Tails at Meh Burger to discuss the matter and how to solve it. There, Tails came up with a solution, only for the time loop to reset the day, thus forcing Eggman (who retained awareness) to seek out Tails' help earlier.[44] During one of their visits to Meh Burger, Team Sonic met Orbot and Cubot who had left Eggman to live with them. Not fond of that, Sonic, Amy, Sticks and Knuckles excused themselves and left Meh Burger, leaving Tails behind to handle the robots.[45]

Sonic later stopped by Meh Burger for a chili dog on his way to the library, where he decided Fastidious' order for him when the beaver proved too indecisive and slow at the counter. Sonic then noticed that he had cut in front of Eggman's Motobug, who had been holding Egggman's spot in the line. Regardless, Eggman let Sonic go ahead and order his chili dog. However, when Eggman tried to order a chili dog too, Dave revealed he had sold the last one to Sonic. Sonic therefore visited Meh Burger's distant warehouse on Dave's advice to get a chili dog to appease an upset Eggman, but with limited success as he forgot Eggman's relish.[9] When Sonic later bet with Sticks and Amy that he could teach Knuckles better survival skills than Sticks could to Amy, he and Knuckles went to Meh Burger with Tails to slack off instead of training and preparing themselves, confident that winning the bet would be a cinch.[46] Another time after pranking Eggman, Team Sonic went to Meh Burger, where they saw Orbot and Cubot pulling Eggman's Eggmobile by, confirming their suspicions that Eggman had given up technology as a result of their prank.[47]

Meh Burger vs. Chez Amy.

One time, where Dave provided lousy service to Amy, Meh Burger was being run out of business when Amy opened Chez Amy as a better alternative to Meh Burger's service, leading to a bitter rivalry between the establishments, where Amy and Dave competed in newer and newer ways to win over the customers. Using new gimmicks, Meh Burger eventually took back its customers. However, the situation changed when Eggman visited Meh Burger, where he got dissatisfied with the service, and decided to help Amy. No sooner, Eggman blew up Meh Burger to eliminate Chez Amy's competition. After Chez Amy got destroyed though, Team Sonic helped rebuilt Meh Burger, making Dave rewarded the team with a meal free of charge.[14] Another time, while Team Sonic was having a meal at Meh Burger, Swifty the Shrew dropped by and caught everyone's attention, except Sonic's. He also caught Amy's burger when she dropped it, which earned him Amy's affection, much to Sonic's jealousy.[48] Later, at the dawn of the Chili Dog Cook-Off, Team Sonic discussed the contest at Meh Burger while Dave tried to brag to them with his chili recipe. However, Sonic easily deduced its ingredients. While there, they also noticed the "one of kind" peppers they had brought for the contest were fake and sought out the seller, Mrs. Vandersnout.[49]

From within Meh Burger, Sonic and Tails, who were having lunch, later saw how the Village entered anarchy due to Knuckles, who was serving as deputy mayor, recklessly approving permits, prompting the duo to set out and correct it.[50] Meh Burger later became the site of a controversy when Sonic came to pick up Knuckles from his meeting with Mike the Ox to battle Eggman, where he told Mike that he could not come along because he was "just a guy," which made the villagers judge Sonic for being insensitive. Sonic later tried to place an order at Meh Burger, but Dave was quick to remind of his remark. Meeting Mike at Meh Burger later on, Sonic apologized to Mike there and ultimately let him join Team Sonic's battles, but with disastrous results. Meh Burger soon after became a center point for many of the Lightning Bolt Society's harassments while Sonic was in temporary retirement and the rest of Team Sonic was out of town.[51]

An alternate Knuckles at Meh Burger.

In hopes of finding a genius Dave, an alternate Knuckles took Team Sonic to Meh Burger. While their search was for naught, it helped Tails deduce this Knuckles came from another dimension. As the real Knuckles later came to Meh Burger to mope, his team came and tried cheering him up until they saw him weakening from the interdimensional anomaly of having two Knuckles in one dimension.[39] When New Year's Eve later arrived, Meh Burger was open to the party guests in the Village Center, where it also sponsored "Comedy Chimp's New Year's Adequate Eve" show.[2]

Tails later came to Meh Burger to impress Zooey with a masculine attitude, namely by ordering a raw Meh Steak. However, Dave ruined the moment when he brought Tails a toy along with his meal. Meanwhile, Eggman tried locating a lost package while eating at Meh Burger, during he begrudgingly saw Tails' attempt to get Zooey's attention.[31] Meh Burger would later be used as a shelter by the villagers when Obliterator Bot tried to attack the Village.[52] Another time, during Knuckles' time as a celebrity, the customers at Meh Burger would awe at the echidna whenever he came by. Meh Burger itself also got to sponsor Knuckles after Dave promised Knuckles a discount on Meh Burgers if he wore the restaurant's stickers over his headgear.[53] During a visit to Meh Burger later on, Sonic, Knuckles and Amy left prematurely due to dissatisfaction with the service, leading to their meeting with Perci.[54]

Sonic and co. watching Knuckles verbally burn Tails at Meh Burger.

While Team Sonic was hanging out at Meh Burger as usual, Knuckles, having taken up inventing, showed and goaded Tails into competing with him in the Robot Battle Royale despite Tails initially declining.[55] The Archipelago Homeowners Association later held a celebration at Meh Burger when a stray Crab Bot landed on their table and clued them in on that Eggman violated regulations by housing robots in his lair. The same evening, Team Sonic was at Meh Burger where they noticed some Badniks were acting strange, prompting them to go investigate the matter.[15] As the Fuzzy Puppies craze hit the island, Meh Burger became the meeting place for Fuzzy Puppy fans. During oen such meeting, Amy met Eggman and learned he was a fan of the game too. During their subsequent visits to Meh Burger, Amy taught Eggman how to play the game until he had beaten all of his opponents. It was also at Meh Burger that the rest of Team Sonic began to notice Amy's secret activities with Eggman.[56]

Team Sonic later regrouped at Meh Burger after all of them except Sonic had suffered humiliating defeats at the hands of Eggman. Finding it hysterical, Sonic snidely left to face Eggman himself (only to fare no better).[57] Team Sonic would also come to Meh Burger to horse around after earning the Greatest Role Model of All Time Award, which left a bad impression on Lady Walrus. Receiving an image specialist, Team Sonic would practice being role models at Meh Burger, although it annoyed the customers. After Sticks later got rid of the image specialist, she took Stratford and the Child Monkey to Meh Burger.[6] As Knuckles later discussed with his friends at Meh Burger about how he had ruined Charlie's life, Charlie would show up at this establishment to bully Knuckles with his mech as revenge. When Knuckles later tried to buy a Meh Burger, Charlie showed up and stole his money. Knuckles soon after returned to Meh Burger to have the Beaver Policeman serve as a liaison between them, but he was too afraid of Charlie and ended up giving him his money.[58]

Season two

Team Sonic and Tommy in Meh Burger's VIP room.

Movie star Tommy Thunder once appeared at Meh Burger to promote his next movie with some Meh Meal toys until Dr. Eggman ruined it. Tommy later treated most of Team Sonic to a meal in Meh Burger's VIP room, whose existence was denied when Team Sonic tried to eat there alone.[16] Meh Burger was later almost hit by a shard from a shattered asteroid, but Sonic showed up in time to deflect it with Amy's Hammer.[59] Sticks would soon after come to Meh Burger to watch the news, only to talk about her frustrations at fluff news with her friends there. After watching more fluff at Meh Burger, Sticks would start her own news podcast which the restaurant's visitors would hear.[40] While out of phase with reality, Sonic would come to Meh Burger looking for his friends but found nobody.[60]

When most of Team Sonic had lunch at Meh Burger, Sonic introduced Mark the Tapir, his biggest fan, to the gang. Though Mark's obsessive behavior unnerved the group, Sonic was (much to his later regret) unconcerned.[33] Team Sonic later had lunch at Meh Burger again, where Sonic and Tails told them of a worrisome bet they had made. When Tails was declared the loser, he had to perform at Meh Burger's karaoke night, where his team watched him.[19] In an attempt to stall an undersea mission, Sonic would have his team order take-out from Meh Burger.[61] Sticks would later tell her team about her encounter with Dreamcaster at Meh Burger, only to be met with skepticism.[62] Another time, several dimwitted Tails copies would pay a couple of visits to Meh Burger, surprising Sonic during one of his own trips there.[63] At Meh Burger during a break, Dave later noticed a Fuzzy Puppy ad in the newspaper.[64]

Knuckles at Meh Burger with a foster family.

Attempting to become Mrs. Vandersnout's foster grandson, Knuckles came with her to Meh Burger, only to get replaced by Dave. Knuckles later returned with Lady Walrus in an attempt to become her foster daughter, but failed that too. Meanwhile, Team Sonic would watch Knuckles' attempts during their trips to Meh Burger.[35] Coming to Meh Burger under his mech suit's corrupting influence, Sonic would cut in front of several villages while waiting in line.[32] Sonic soon after returned to Meh Burger to buy chili dogs when Eggman called him into battle, although he would return to Meh Burger in time to save Chumley from a nasty fall.[28] At the brink of starvation, Og would ransack Meh Burger for food. Discovering this robbery, Team Sonic would investigate the restaurant. Finding and befriending Og, Team Sonic had lunch with him at Meh Burger before he left to find a home.[29] Knuckles later got a job at Meh Burger to earn some extra money. One day however, Knuckles tried managing Meh Burger while joining his other job's staff at the restaurant and helping his team fight Eggman, but ended up attacking a customer in his confusion, prompting Dave to fire him.[12] When the Village then experienced a power outage, Meh Burger got affected by the subsequent blackout, prompting Team Sonic, who was at Meh Burger, to investigate.[65]

After getting serviced badly at Meh Burger, Eggman had his robots instated as Meh Burger's staff, which cost Dave his job. As a result of the improvements the robots brought, Mr. Slate held a reopening of Meh Burger. There, Eggman caught Meh Burger and its visitors (most of Team Sonic included) in a force-field and sent the whole site towards space. Thanks to Sticks and Dave though, Meh Burger was brought back to the Village Center. As thanks, Dave was made Meh Burger's manager, with a new robot employee from Tails to manage.[7] Amy and her new pet Bee Bot, Bea, met Amy's team at Meh Burger soon after. The team, however, was far from happy about Amy's pet choice.[66] Having been disqualified at the Science Fair Awards, Eggman went to Meh Burger to mope until he decided to make a robot mother to lean on. Said robot later arranged a playdate between Sonic and Eggman, which Sonic would discuss with Tails about at Meh Burger.[67] Team Sonic soon after spent Meh Burger's plates on their new pet without paying, prompting Dave to stop them. The team subsequently left to check on the Build-it Box when their pet suddenly grew.[17] Getting together for lunch at Meh Burger, Team Sonic learned from Sonic that Steve Eggman had joined their group. While the team disapproved of Sonic inviting Steve without consulting them first, they all soon had to go on a mission.[68]

Tails asking his team for help.

When Team Sonic had lunch at Meh Burger, Tails talked with his team (while Sonic was busy dealing with Dave) about a way to get Sonic out of his house after he moved in with him.[20] A while later, Meh Burger got overrun by malware-infected robots that Amy, Knuckles and Sticks engaged. However, things took a turn for the worse for the trio when FriendBot, who had also been infected, joined the fight at Meh Burger.[21] As the attack continued, the villagers would gather at Meh Burger until they were inspired to help Team Sonic fight the robots. Ultimately, Meh Burger was saved when the robots withdrew.[69] Following that, Sonic would get fleas while at Meh Burger. Team Sonic met at Meh Burger soon after, where they discovered that each of them had gotten fleas. This was all Eggman's doing, who watched this unfold from Meh Burger too.[4] Mr. Slate later held an unveiling at Meh Burger where he showed the restaurant's newest fast food (named after the local celebrities, the Lightning Bowler Society) to the public. It was also here where the Chameleon and Staci met each other and had a dinner date. After the Lightning Bowlers broke up, Dave returned to his work at Meh Burger until Sticks came and made him go see his team.[27]

While Sonic and Knuckles goofed off at Meh Burger, Tails came and revealed that their band had gotten a gig elsewhere, prompting them to set out on a road trip.[70] When the public then learned that Eggman was no doctor, the villagers now seeing Eggman as a joke came to gather at Meh Burger after a sporadic song number. Eggman arrived afterward at Meh Burger to buy a snack, and the villagers quickly began mocking him before kicking him out. Eggman tried retaliating with his Eggmobile, but Sonic forced him to leave.[38] Later, Eggman went to mope at Meh Burger to over his failure to power his MeBot. Noticing Eggman, Amy, who was at Meh Burger with Sonic and Tails, advised him to talk to someone with similar issues. Eggman proceeded to talk to Charlie, who was at Meh Burger too, but left to find the Tummel Crystal (which was the ideal power source for MeBot) after Charlie told him about it.[71] Returning to Meh Burger to get some fries, Eggman would cook them himself in the restaurant when Dave got kidnapped by a crazy Cubot. Amidst this, Eggman briefly experienced increased gravity eminating from his Anti Gravity Ray.[72] Team Sonic later went to Meh Burger and made plans on how to save the rec center when it got closed. Sonic and Tails returned to the restaurant soon after to wallow after a brutal soccer match, but they left when Cyborg Sonic and Cyborg Knuckles came and began mocking them.[37]

Team Sonic showing relief regarding Chumley's safety.

When baby Chumley disappeared while under their watch, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles eventually looked for him at Meh Burger. While relieved when Dave told them that Chumley had not been there, the trio concluded that finding him was a lost cause and that they had to come clean to his mother.[73] Morpho later tried convincing the people at Meh Burger that he was the real Sonic to prove his Sonic impersonation to Eggman, only to blow his cover when ordering a salad. Eggman spent the following time at Meh Burger working on Morpho's act until Team Sonic came and beat them both up.[74] Team Sonic soon after returned to Meh Burger, where Sonic complained about Eggman's over-sharing on FriendSpace. When Scrambler then gained prominence, Meh Burger would host a promotional event exclusive to Scrambler users.[18] Sonic and Vector soon after came to Meh Burger where they interrogated Dave about info on the Meh Burger VIP cards.[23]

When Meh Burger advertised their new delivery service, they promised their orders would be free if not delivered in "thirty minutes or less". However, Dave took hours to deliver each order. A focus group subsequently gathered at Meh Burger to review its service. There, Sonic was persuaded to become Meh Burger's delivery boy after being promised chili dogs as salary. Thanks to Sonic's speedy footwork, which greatly satisfied the customers, Meh Burger could update its policy to "three minutes or less". Eggman tried using this policy to get a free meal and humiliate Sonic, but all his attempts to delay Sonic failed. Sonic had to quit when Meh Burger's chili dogs made him ill though, leaving Meh Burger to adopt an apathetic delivery policy.[5] Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks were later having lunch at Meh Burger until Tails, who had been merged with a Bee Bot, showed up.[75] Some time later, after turning into a cute creature, Eggman would run all over Meh Burger for Team Sonic and everyone else to see until Orbot and Cubot took him home. A few days afterward, Eggman came to Meh Burger so he could get upset over Dave's poor service. Unfortunately for Eggman, this was a rare instance where Dave did his job right.[34] Later on, while brawling, Sonic and Shadow would end up at Meh Burger, partially damaging the establishment in the process. There, Shadow realized with Sonic's aid that Eggman had tricked him into fighting Sonic. Furious, Shadow left Meh Burger to get back at Eggman.[76]

Archie Comics

Boom Shaka-laka

Team Sonic meeting Eggman at Meh Burger, from Sonic Boom #5.

While Team Sonic was at Meh Burger, Dr. Eggman asked them to help operate his Eggtoberfest's rides. Believing they could keep an eye on Eggman's current scheme that way, Sonic promised they would help.[24]

List of staff


  • Meh Burger was named by writer Greg Hahn.[77]
  • The limited Meh Rib Sandwich sold at Meh Burger is an allusion to the real-life McRib Sandwich sold at McDonalds restaurants for only a limited time each year.
  • Despite the frequency of Meh Burger's business, Dave is the only person ever seen working at the restaurant.


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