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Sonic the Hedgehog, "Dr. Eggman's Tomato Sauce"

The Meh Burger is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a hamburger and the signature product of restaurant of the same name. While appreciated as a delectable edible by the buyers, the Meh Burger is noted to be barely food at all.[1][2]


The standard Meh Burger consists of a cooked patty, served with salad leaves, onions, and tomato slices inside a sliced bun.[3] What appears to be a meat patty, though, is actually a patty made of shredded newspaper clippings, library paste, rat patooties, and (up until recently) brown dyes.[1][2][4] Occasionally, however, the patties do contain beef, but it is typically undercooked, providing a risk of foodborne illness. Other ingredients include pickles and a secret ingredient called Meh-onnaise, the last of which is the reason behind the Meh Burger's deliciousness.[3][5]


Additional variants of the Meh Burger are sold at its restaurant. These include:

  • Meh Burger with cheese[6]
  • Double Meh Burger[3][6] (comes also in "Savage Style"[7])
  • Double Meh Burger with cheese[6]
  • Super Meh Burger[6]
  • Super Meh Burger with cheese[6]
  • Meh Cheese Regal[8]
  • Meh Rib Sandwich (limited time offer)[9]


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