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Megatox in Sonic the Comic #10. Art by Richard Elson.

Megatox is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is made entirely out of Mega Mack. He first appeared in Sonic the Comic #10 and was created by Nigel Kitching and Richard Elson.


Megatox is a purple mutant bonded with Mega Mack with green and red eyes.



Close-up of Megatox from Sonic the Comic #115. Art by Richard Elson.

Megatox was originally a scientist working with Doctor Robotnik to create Mega Mack, a chemical that was designed to kill Sonic the Hedgehog. One day, the compartment he was working in was flooded with the poisonous substance. By some quirk of fate, the scientist, instead of dying, became one with the Mega Mack, and was reborn as Megatox. In this new and deadly form he haunted the sewer systems of the Chemical Plant Zone. He encountered Sonic early into the hedgehog's rebellion against Robotnik, while Sonic was attempting to free a group of captive animal workers. On this occasion, Sonic found he was unable to defeat Megatox with simple violence. Instead, Sonic drained him from the tunnels they were fighting in and sprayed Megatox's liquid body across the countryside.[1]

Megatox returned much later, when Robotnik had been overthrown and the Marxio Brothers had bought the Zone. The Marxios had detected a malfunction and realized that the Zone was liable to explode at any minute, so they called on Sonic and Tails to investigate. They tracked down the disturbance to the Mega Mack Factory,[2] where they found that the problem was caused by Megatox, who was charging himself up with electrical energy with the intention of bursting out of the factory, flooding the Emerald River and poisoning the Emerald Hill Zone so badly that it would be uninhabitable for a hundred years. Megatox wanted revenge for his earlier defeat at Sonic's hands, but to his annoyance, Sonic had forgotten who he was and even when he remembered he manages to get his name wrong ("you're what's-his-name... Mr Tox!"). Megatox was more powerful now, able to change from liquid to solid state and back again. Sonic, despite being heavily poisoned by Mega Mack, deduces that Megatox has to be solid to hit him and manages to attack him a split second before contact. This defeated Megatox, and he was swept up and removed by the Marxios.[3]

Later, when Robotnik absorbed the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Megatox was one of the villains that Robotnik, in his god-like state, resurrected to fight Sonic. Megatox was zapped away with all the other villains when Sonic knocked Commander Brutus into Plasma, causing a chain reaction.[4]

Powers and abilities

Megatox can bend the Mega Mack around him to his will, shooting it at high pressure and splitting his consciousness into multiple Mega Mack 'bodies'. He has a poisonous body, can manipulate Mega Mack to cause floods and power build ups. After absorbing electrical energy he can solidify his form.


  • Nigel Kitching once revealed that Megatox was only brought back at the request of his son.[5]


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