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Quotation1 I made you in my image. I built your heart and gave you eyes. I gave you power and a sense of justice beyong any compare... I gave you hands, a child's face... Heh... Robot hair. But this burden, the burning in your heart, I did not put there. Quotation2
Dr. Light reencouraging Rock after he believed himself to be turning evil.

Template:Character Mega Man, real name Rock Light, is the main protagonist and title character of the Mega Man comic book series published by Archie Comics. He is based on the original Mega Man character from the "classic" Mega Man series developed by Capcom since 1987.

Mega Man is a robot that was originally created as Rock by the world-renowned robotics enginner, Dr. Thomas Light, from the year 20XX in another reality of Earth. Rock in particular was designed as a helper robot to assist Dr. Light around the house and the lab. However, Rock was always treated like a son rather than a machine by Dr. Light.

When his creator/father's former partner, Dr. Albert Wily turned to the life of crime in a quest for world domination, Rock selflessly took up the role of Mega Man to protect the world, both humans and sentient robots, from the evil intentions of Dr. Wily. Since then, Mega Man has become a renowned hero, having prevented several of Dr. Wily's plans, stopped the terrorist organization the Emerald Spears and saved countless lives.

In the comic crossover Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide involving Archie Comics's Sonic Universe and Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man came into contact with the beings from Mobius Prime, after the Genesis Wave rewrote both worlds, in a plot by Dr. Wily and his new partner Dr. Eggman. Working together with that world's own hero, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man and Sonic set out save both their worlds from the evil doctors.


Being modeled and based on that of a human child, Rock is a innocent, friendly and playful robot, much like that of real young human boy. As per Dr. Light's programming, Rock carries many of the same principles and values that Dr. Light have, making him a gentle pacifist by nature with peaceful ideals and a strong sense of justice that is beyond any compare. Equally, Rock cares deeply for his friends and family, both humans and robots alike, and is willing to go to great lengths for their sake, even if it means putting his life on the line. He will likewise stand up for his family and friends if they are threatened or talked down to, and offer help and comfort whenever he can.

Normally, Rock takes a strong stance against violence, refusing to fight others for no reason, and will attempt to resolve conflicts through words before anything else. However, if no other option is possible, he is willing to step into battle and to accept the burden of protecting society from evil, even if it leads to war.

Due to Rock's peaceful, gentle and loving nature, he initially struggled with great emotional turmoil of self-betrayal due to having to battle his own robotic kind and defying his peaceful ways. When forced to disable a robot through force or destroy it, Rock displays great remorse and sadness for his actions and would apologize to the robot in question if given the chance. Though he has since overcome his sense of betrayal and handles battling other robots better, he still has regrets when forced to hurt others, specially sentient robots. He is also easily overcome with the great amount of power he possesses as Mega Man, especially after absorbing Master Weapons, causing him to become overconfident, rude, aggressive and more hungry for battles. As such, he prefers the additional weaponry be uninstalled when confrontation has ceased, and would rather use his abilities to copy tools rather than weapons for constructive use.

Despite being incredibly human-like, Rock is still a robot that does not truly have free will; the depth of his artificial humanity is limited by his programming, and any action or decision he makes is based solely on his programming, and he is unable to act outside of that. He, like many other robots, are also unable to break the Three Laws of Robotics. One such Law prevents robots from harming humans, unless its to protect other humans.

Abilities and Powers

Initially, Rock had no special abilities or physical strengths much beyond that of a regular person, as his role was to just help Dr. Light around the house. After becoming Mega Man, however, Rock underwent a large upgrade procedure by Dr. Light that boosted his strengths and gave him new abilities. When donning his Mega Man persona, Rock can change his appearance at will, giving him the outfit he wears as Mega Man, along with his "Mega Man" abilities.

After becoming Mega Man, Rock was given an increase in physical attributes, allowing him to combat even weaponized Robot Masters. These upgrades made him not only faster, but also stronger, enabling him to lift and hold entire cars with some efforts. He also received the best armor Dr. Light could make, making him more durable as well, allowing him to withstand massive battle damage, and deflect minor energy shots.

Mega Man is also equipped with a Copy Chip. With it, Mega Man can adapt the powers of other robots by simply touching them and use them as his own, essentially making his arsenal limitless. When utilizing a Robot Master's power, it is signified by his frame and armor changing color. However, he can only use one power at a time, and to use it, he has to turn off his Mega Buster.

While having no battle experience prior to becoming Mega Man, Rock has proven himself to be quite a formidable fighter, being able to battle even Robot Masters that are built for combat, though he is often restrained by his own pacifistic nature. In the rewritten reality caused by the Genesis Wave, Mega Man demonstrated impressive fighting abilities, being able to fight evenly with Sonic the Hedgehog, though he was unable to gain the upper hand on the blue hedgehog either.

Mega Buster

As Mega Man, Rock's weapon of choice is the Mega Buster, an arm cannon that he can materialize over his right forearm at will. The Mega Buster can fire small balls of energy, or stored up energy to unleash a more powerful charged shot, which is sometimes referred to as a "Charge Shot" or "Power Shot". It can also be equipped with other components, such as Dr. Light's Magnet Beam, for additional functions.

The Mega Buster taps power directly from Mega Man's own power cells, meaning overusing it will drain Mega Man of his energy, so it cannot be used lightly.



Promotional artwork of
Mega Man and Sonic.

  • When the company Capcom released Mega Man: the Wily Wars on the Sega Mega Drive, promotional artwork was made showing Mega Man and Sonic shaking hands.
  • Both Mega Man and Sonic's primary color is blue, which is also the main color of the corporation logos of Capcom and Sega. This is because of the limitations of the Nintendo Entertainment System's colour pallet.
  • Among the people to voice Mega Man was Ian James Corlett (who voiced both Coconuts and Cyrus) in the American animated series, as well as Dr. Wily on Captain N: The Game Master.

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