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Medusa is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is an evil gorgon from Greek mythology who resided on Shanazar.


In ancient Greece on Earth, there were myths about Medusa, indicating she may have visited Earth at some point, or another incarnation of her existed there. A false story about her told that she was defeated by the hero Jason by reflecting her image back at herself.[1]

Hercules claimed to have fought Medusa as part of his Twelve Labours.[2]

While living on Shanazar, Medusa would terrorize cities by turning their populations into statues, including Death-Trap. During one of her rampages, she turned her attention to Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose when they tried to stop her. Amy initially tried to turn Medusa to stone using her own reflection, having heard Earth's myths. Unfortunately, Medusa revealed the myth was a lie and faced Sonic, who failed to fight her with his eyes closed. When Kalus then returned―having resurrected himself from sand―Sonic blew Kalus' debris at Medusa, obscuring her vision. Amy then thumped her, leaving the local guards to bag her head and take her away.[1]

Powers and abilities

Medusa is able to turn anyone who looks into her eyes into stone. In addition, she is immune to her own magic.[1]


  • According to Amy, the legend of Medusa stated she was defeated when the hero Jason reflected Medusa's image back at her. This conflicts with the popular story of her beheading at the hands of Perseus, her head then being used as a weapon.


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