Before uploading an image, please pay attention to the followings:
  • Ensure that the image you are trying to upload does not already exist on the wiki. Duplicate images may be speedily deleted. Also, images that are not used on a page of the wiki may be speedily deleted.
  • Do not upload others' fan-character images without the permission of their creator. If you fail to get the permission of the image's creator, it will be speedily deleted.
  • Files beginning with the prefixes below will not be approved by the wiki:
    • A number
    • "image" or "IMG"
    • "pic"
    • thumbnail"
    • "tumblr"
    • Punctuation
    • "DSC"
    • Single-character filenames
  • Images must be appropriately categorized. See Category:Images for a list of image categories, or ask an admin for help. All images created by users or relating to fan-made characters must be categorized in Category:User images.
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