Mechanical Zone is a Zone in Sonic Jump Fever which later has been added to the 2012 remake of Sonic Jump as the final zone of the game.


In Sonic Jump, the Zone consists of eleven Acts and a boss fight while in Sonic Jump Fever, there are multiple level layouts in terms of the position of the enemies, platforms and objects and the player can play this Zone as many times possible during a period of two days before the game switches to Jungle Zone.


  • While this Zone was hinted to appear in Sonic Jump ever since Blue Sky Zone was updated into the game, Mechanical Zone first became available when Sonic Jump Fever was released.
  • The music track found in the files of Sonic Jump sounds different to the version heard in the game. While the original version is rather upbeat, the final version sounds darker and more serious, probably because Cosmic Zone was originally supposed to be the final Zone of the game.



Name Artist Length Music Track
N/A (Sonic Jump) (2012) N/A 0:45
Sonic Jump (2012) OST - Mechanical Zone
N/A (Sonic Jump Fever) N/A 1:30
Sonic Jump Fever OST - Mechanical Zone
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