The Mecha Vulture[1] is an enemy that appears in Sonic Drift 2. It is encountered in Iron Ruin where it serves as an obstacle to the racers.


The Mecha Vulture mostly resembles a two-winged bird. It has grey and blue wings with red tips, and a red and black body. It also possesses two orange orbs on its bottom.


The Mecha Vulture only appears in Iron Ruin. When the player reaches the third pass of Iron Ruin, the Mecha Vulture will appear, flying in on the screen from above. From there, it will position itself above the racing track, where it will start flying back and forth, trying to land on one of the hoods of one of the racers' cars. If that happens to a racer, it will cause the racer in question to lose speed. In order to dodge the Mecha Vulture when it moves in, the player must swerve from side to side. A way to remove the Mecha Vulture if caught by it, however, is by activating the Invincible, which will make it go away.

Powers and abilities

The Mecha Vulture is capable of flight and can fly fast enough to keep with racing cars.


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