Mecha Sonic Model No.29 (also known as Rocket Metal Sonic) is a character that appears in Sonic the Fighters. It is a robot that is briefly seen at the start of the game's intro, where it is outside the Death Egg II, before transforming into a rocket and flying off.


Rocket Metal Sonic rocket form

Mecha Sonic Model No.29's rocket form.

Mecha Sonic Model No.29 looks similar to Metal Sonic, except its spines are longer than Metal Sonic's own spines. It has wrench-like hands, and it lacks the turbine in its torso that Metal Sonic has. It also has feet similar to Tails' shoes.



Selecting the robot via hacking.

Mecha Sonic Model No.29 is not playable without hacking, which can be done through the use of emulator to play Sonic the Fighters. Like Honey the Cat, he shares other characters' fighting moves - for example, Knuckles is one, Tails is another, etc. Its moves are some of the best in the game, although as of the recent port Metal Sonic is considered the strongest character as a playable fighter. When hacked, its name is registered as "Rocket Metal" in both its title card and fighter name, which is nowhere to be seen otherwise. Unlike Honey the Cat, it is not playable in the HD re-release.

Powers and abilities

Mecha Sonic Model No.29 is capable of flying through space. It can also transform into a rocket.

In other media

Archie Comics

Off panel issue 271

Rocket Metal Sonic in the Archie Comics.

Rocket Metal Sonic made an appearance in the Off Panel from the Sonic the Hedgehog #271 published by Archie Comics, where it was explained that he did not appear in the "Champion" story line because his heavy head made it impossible for him to move.


  • Its designated name is written on its head: "MECHA SONIC MODEL NO.29"
  • When hacking it into the game in character select, the robot will appear with its own head and claws, but will have Sonic the Hedgehog's body.
  • Like the unused Honey the Cat in the original game, its image before battling is the image of Dr. Robotnik.
  • When the hacked fighter does a Spin Dash, it shows him spin into a ball with his spikes showing before they disappear, proceeding with Sonic's Spin Dash animation.
  • The hacked fighter has two sets of eyes, which can be seen by using him in the Arcade version via emulator by using certain moves. It is unknown if this is an intended feature or a graphical error.


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