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Quotation1.svg Behold! The infinite power and handsomeness of MeBot! Quotation2.svg
Dr. Eggman, Sonic Boom #11

MeBot[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom franchise. It is a mech suit created by Dr. Eggman in his own image, hence its name.



The first known iteration of MeBot, from Sonic Boom #11.

The first known iteration of MeBot was a highly detailed and imposing humanoid robot reminiscent of Eggman. It was very muscular and defined with a black frame. On its upper body it had red chest armor with four cyan lights. Its shoulders had large and pointy yellow and red guards with spikes, and its hands were large and white with straps, menacing Eggman Industries tattoos, and spiked brass knuckles. It also had red and yellow pelvis armor with spikes on the sides, pointy kneecaps depicting a flaming and menacing Eggman Industries logo, heavily armored shins with red and yellow armor and brown straps, and pointy feet with spiked straps. Its head was like Eggman's but with teal eyes and a sharp orange mustache.

The second MeBot's cockpit.

The second known iteration of MeBot has the first one's basic shape, but possesses a smoother and simpler design. This MeBot has a black frame with flat red armor on its chest, abdomen, front legs, shoulders, upper arms, and pelvis. It also has a grey face with no features, except for forehead lenses and two yellow-orange hooks for a mustache. On the chest are thin cyan laser barrels and on its midriff's sides are windows into the cockpit. Its gauntlets, knees and feet (which are small) are yellow-orange, while its ankles are black. It also has grey fingers and grey plating in a few places. It also has a pair of red and black wings and a thruster on the back. Its cockpit also has a control panel and a holo-screen display.

Features and abilities

According to Dr. Eggman, the first known iteration of MeBot possessed infinite power, although how much of this claim is valid is unknown. The rear of the first incarnation was also equipped with its own escape pod.[1]

The second known iteration of MeBot is a force to be reckoned with in combat. Noticeably, it can fight evenly with Sonic's Mech Suit, which possesses unparalleled power. In terms of physical strength, this MeBot can knock an opponent through several layers of rock with a single punch and overpower Sonic's Mech Suit. It also has enough durability to take several punches from Sonic's Mech Suit without suffering any damage. With the aid of its wings and a rocket thruster, this MeBot is capable of flight too, and is every bit as fast and nimble in midair as Sonic's Mech Suit, if not more.[2]

The second known iteration of MeBot is crammed with extra features. This includes chest-mounted lasers powerful enough to send large opponents flying, shoulder-mounted missile launchers, a wrist-mounted tractor beam for pulling enemies into its grasp, floating shurikens that are deployed from the ankles, deflector shields, and power windows. It is also equipped with a self-destruct function.[2]


The first known iteration of MeBot and its incarnations all had a major design flaw—they were extremely top heavily, making them easy to topple and incapable of getting back up on their own.[1]

The main flaw of the second known iteration of MeBot is its features. Because it has so many functions to run, MeBot will use up any finite power source in seconds. This weakness can be circumvented by using the Tummel Crystal as a power source though. Secondly, it is difficult for its pilot to operate due to having so many features to keep tabs on.[2]


TV series

Season two

Eggman's schematics for MeBot.

Wanting his own mech suit to crush his foes, Dr. Eggman designed a feature-filled MeBot from the ground up. However, Eggman discovered that MeBot used up its batteries too quickly when he tried using it. To circumvent this, Eggman sought the Tummel Crystal to power MeBot. Upon getting the crystal, Eggman summoned MeBot and got it operational with the crystal. Being on the scene, Sonic called in his mech suit to battle MeBot. The fight was fierce and evenly matched, but Sonic won by using his mech suit to make MeBot's missiles blow up in its face and pull out the Tummel Crystal.[2]

Using a helmet equipped with telekinetic abilities, Eggman was able to take MeBot into battle against D-Fekt. When MeBot proved too evenly matched with D-Fekt however, even with the aid of telekinetic powers, Eggman tried taking D-Fekt's girlfriend, Cutebot, hostage. When Sonic saved Cutebot however, D-Fekt used the opportunity to tear MeBot apart and send Eggman flying in its remains.[3]

Archie Comics

MeBot defeated, from Sonic Boom #11.

MeBot was deployed by Dr. Eggman to battle Sonic. However, MeBot was easily defeated when Sonic exploited its flawed design, making Eggman flee in its escape pod. Eggman did not give up on MeBot however, and tried again with at least three updated models, all of which failed.[1]




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