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This character exists primarily within the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog continuity.
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Mayor Chestnut is a character that appears in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an anthropomorphic squirrel and the mayor of Tranquil Gulch.


Mayor Chestnut is a vaguely humanoid squirrel about Sonic's size and with a slightly large head. He has predominantly grey fur with a khaki underbelly and muzzle, and he has large buck teeth, medium-sized eyebrows and black eyes. As attire, he wears a large blue top hat, white chuffs around his wrists and a white collar around his neck.


When seeing Sonic get Six Gun Pete out of Tranquil Gulch, Mayor Chestnut offered him to become the town's new sheriff, but was disgruntled when Sonic refused. However, when Sonic was convince to act as the town's sheriff until a replacement could be found, Mayor Chestnut gladly announced him their new sheriff.[1]

Mayor Chestnut later saw Sonic's gunmanship, but when Sonic's poor skills caused considerable collateral damage (and knocked Mayor Chestnut into a mudpit), he began to have his doubts about making Sonic sheriff. His doubts were eased, however, as he witnessed Sonic successfully deal with various threats to the town from Dr. Robotnik, even coming to inform Sonic when Miss Possum was kidnapped by Scratch and Grounder. When Sonic finally resigned as sheriff when his job seemed done, Mayor Chestnut worried who would be the town's sheriff, but as Sonic gave that job to Miss Possum, Mayor Chestnut gladly accepted her as their new sheriff.[1]


Mayor Chestnut is friendly, but does not like to hear people refusing him as he was visually upset when Sonic declined his offer to become their sheriff. He is also a bit cynical as he started to doubt Sonic when seeing his poor gunmanship, but he changed his mind as he saw Sonic using his other skills to defend the town.


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