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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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The Mayor's Mansion,[1] also referred to as City Hall,[2] is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is the official estate of Mayor Fink, as well as the city hall and courthouse of Hedgehog Village. An important meeting place for the locals, it has served as the site for several events, like the Awardy Awards and Puppy Con.[1][3] It also serves as the town's power station, which uses a Meroke Crystal to supply the entire region with clean electricity.[4]


The Mayor's Mansion is the largest building in the Village Center, consisting of three buildings with straw roofs. Up front is a huge terrace for large gatherings. The building holds a number of rooms and its interior is classily decorated with a number of paintings and other works of art.

The mansion holds a classy office for Mayor Fink.[2] This room includes a large office desk and drawers for documents used by the mayor, and it has enough room for extra tables and chairs, making it part discussion room for matters regarding Hedgehog Village.[5] The office is also where villagers go to have forms filled out, with a ticket dispenser being used to keep the applicants in order.[2] Also, behind a hidden door in the office is a generator which uses a Meroke Crystal, a relic handed down from mayor to mayor, to supply the entire region with clean electricity. When the crystal is about to die out, a crisis alarm goes off.[4]

The mansion has a large entrance hall and a conference room next door, both of which are used for public meetings and events.[1][3] The latter is also used as a courtroom for legal disputes.[6] There is also a smaller room somewhere in the mansion that is used as a class room.[7]


TV series


The Mayor's Mansion was built several generations ago, back when Badgerville was first founded by Jebediah Badger.[8] At some point within the last couple of decades however, it got moved to the other side of the street it was on.[9]

Season one

The Mayor's Mansion during the Awardy Awards.

When the Awardy Awards arrived, Mayor Fink invited everyone to the gala at his mansion, resulting in many high-class attendants. Although the awardies came under attack by Dr. Eggman and his robots when the doctor did not get the Awardy Award, Team Sonic was able to defeat Eggman and save the evening.[1] The Mayor's Mansion later served as the courthouse for a case where Eggman sued Sonic for needlessly injuring him. Thanks to Eggman's machination, T.W. Barker serving as Eggman's lawyer, and Knuckles' incompetence as his lawyer, Sonic stood to lose until Amy came and revealed that Eggman was uninjured, prompting him to summon his Badniks, which led to a fight between Team Sonic and Eggman.[6]

One day while Mayor Fink was drowning in paperwork at his office, he got Knuckles to take over for the day so he could got fishing with Admiral Beaverton and the Jackalope Lodge. In that time however, Knuckles ignorantly approved the permit of any villager coming to the mansion, casting the Unnamed Village into chaos. Sharing the frustration over Knuckles' current position, Team Sonic and Eggman joined forces and confronted Knuckles in the mansion. During the ensuing fight, the heroes destroyed the stamp used to approve permit. Shortly thereafter, Mayor Fink returned to find find his office completely devastated. While Knuckles and his team departed, Eggman was left to file a complaint form about the issues he had with his lair's garbage collection.[2] The mansion was later overrun by an mob who wanted Sonic arrested when he was believed to have committed thefts across the Village. There, Knuckles promised the group to find Sonic for them (although he secretly sought to help Sonic clear his name). When Sonic and Knuckles returned to the mansion though, they proved, with some aid from Earl, that Sonic had been framed by Metal Sonic.[10]

The Mayor's Mansion during Puppy Con.

With the Fuzzy Puppies craze hitting the Unnamed Village, the Mayor's Mansion would host Puppy Con, a Fuzzy Puppy fan convention. There, Dr. Eggman stole a rare game piece from Stratford by distracting everyone with a rockslide he had Orbot and Cubot frame the Lightning Bolt Society for. After Dave was arrested however, his scheme was uncovered and Amy managed to got the stolen game piece back.[3] Eggman later visited the Mayor's Mansion to get a trophy, but Mayor Fink could not give him one without merit, thus forcing Eggman to steal one.[11]

Season two

With an asteroid heading for earth, Sonic, Tails, Dr. Eggman, Mayor Fink and Prof. Cluckins met up in the mansion to discuss the impending apocalypse. Despite Tails' proposal to stop the asteroid (which ultimately saved them), Eggman convinced the officials to ride out the event from the safety of his bunker.[5] Sticks later came to the mansion to demand Mayor Fink to focus on the water crisis plaguing the Village, but was ignored. This ultimately lead to Sticks and Soar the Eagle coming to the mansion several times to do news reports (important and otherwise) on the mayor's activities.[12] Noticing the increased crime in the Village from the mansion, Mayor Fink announced a new law there that forced villains to get a permit for villanous schemes. The mansion would thus host several exams for villains seeking said permit. After Orbot used the mansion grounds to advertise a sale, he would attack the building. While Team Sonic protected the mansion though, a missile from the Egg Tank flew into it and destroyed the villain permits, rendering the new law null and void.[13]

The mansion without power.

When the mansion's Meroke Crystal died out (after several days with the crisis alarm on) and left the Village without power, Team Sonic dropped by to get answers. Admitting the truth, Mayor Fink instructed the team to get a new crystal from the mountains. A few days later, the team returned to the mansion with a new crystal and restored power.[4] The mansion later hosted some of Mayor Fink's town meetings which led to the decision to hold a referendum between Amy and Eggman's propositions for a new town name untainted by Jebediah Badger's name. The vote itself would be held in the mansion some time later.[8] The Science Fair Awards were held in the mansion soon after as well, with Team Sonic being among the attendies. At the end, Beth the Shrew won the grand prize, while Eggman got disqualified.[14]

When trash began piling up at his lair, Eggman went to the Mayor's Mansion and had Mayor Fink collect it. The doctor would return a few times afterward to discuss/pay the fees that came out of the mayor's service. Eventually, Mayor Fink got a call from Eggman, who demanded his fees voided in exchange for the villagers' safety, in the mansion. Fortunately, that crisis would solve itself.[15] A room in the Mayor's Mansion was soon after used as a classroom by Professor Kingsford and his class (Eggman included) for the next eighty-seven weeks. The time there proved to be brutal for Eggman, but he ultimately came out at the top of his class by breaking into the mansion and stealing the answers for the final exam.[7] The Mayor's Mansion was later visited by Team Sonic and Eggman, who each wanted to acquire the closed rec center by different means and for their own reasons. However, Mayor Fink informed them that only the winner of a sports match could gain control over the rec center, so Team Sonic and Eggman decided to settle this with a soccer match.[16]

Amy holing her anger management class in the mansion.

The mansion was eventually used to host Amy's anger management class. Among the attendees was Eggman, who needed to get his temper in check in order to quell a condition he had. After many painstaking hours, Eggman passed the class with flying colors.[9]



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