Quotation1 Increases your Tension Gauge level to the maximum Quotation2
— Description, Sonic Rush Adventure[1]

The Maximum Tension Bonus,[1] also known as the Max Tension Bonus[2] (MAXテンションボーナス Makkusu Tenshonbōnasu?), is a recurring Item Box power-up in Sonic the Hedgehog series. A more powerful version of the Tension Bonus, it can fully charge the Tension Gauge.


When depicted on Item Boxes, the Maximum Tension Bonus' icon varies in design between games. When obtaining this power-up, it refills the player's Tension Gauge to its maximum, overcharging it and enabling unlimited use of the Super Boost/Fire Boost for a short time.

Within the multiplayer, the Item Boxes containing this power-up are marked with two vertical arrows pointing in opposite directions. When obtained in the games' multiplayer, the Maximum Tension Bonus will simultaneously influence the opponents' Tension Gauge negatively.

Game appearances

Sonic Rush

The Maximum Tension Bonus first appeared in Sonic Rush under the name Max Tension Bonus[2] (MAXテンションボーナス Makkusu Tenshonbōnasu?). In this game, the Item Boxes with this power-up in Gameplay mode are marked with a sparkeling yellow star icon, like the one on top of the Tension Gauge. When using this power-up in the game's Battle mode (multiplayer), the opponent's Tension Gauge also becomes depleted.[3]

Sonic Rush Adventure

In Sonic Rush Adventure, this power-up became known as the Maximum Tension Bonus.[1] In the game's Battle mode (multiplayer) however, it is referred to as the Tension Bonus.[4] Here, the icon for the Item Boxes in Adventure Mode with the Maximum Tension Bonus depicts a red and white meteor. When using this power-up in Battle mode, it also depletes the opponent's Tension Gauge to zero.[4]


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