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Not to be confused with the Matter Transformer.

The Matter Transporter[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is an invention of Miles "Tails" Prower's that can teleport objects between two receptors. However, if this device teleports multiple objects together, it can have dire consequences.



The Matter Transporter consists of two light gray and dark gray, egg-shaped pods. Each of these pods have a red light on top and yellow rings covering the upper half. Each of them also have an opening on the front and yellow handles on the bottom. On their bottoms are also red activation buttons.

Features and traits

The Matter Transporter is able to teleport an object in one of its pods to its other pod remotely. However, such flawless teleportation is only possible when a single object is teleported. If multiple objects are teleported together, it will result in the objects being merged together on a molecular and/or genetic level during the teleportation process. For example, if a robot and an organic being are teleported together, the two beings will be merged into a cyborg. Similarly, if the separate ingredients for a pie are teleported together, the merged result will be a finished pie.[1]

If a merged entity uses the Matter Transporter again, they will have their condition worsened to the point that they are turned into piles of goo. It is only when completely reconfigured that this device can separate a merged entity again.[1]


TV series

Season two

The Matter Transporter was a project Tails worked on. When Tails was done, he used himself as a test subject for his invention. Unfortunately, a Bee Bot flew into Tails' pod when he was being teleported, resulting in Tails and the Bee Bot being merged into a cyborg. Team Sonic tried to work out how the Matter Transporter could restore Tails to normal until Tails chose to remain as he was. However, when Tails' Bee Bot half made him go rogue, Team Sonic had Dr. Eggman reconfigure the Matter Transporter, thereby allowing them to use it to separate Tails and the Bee Bot from each other after they managed to subdue Tails.[1]


  • The Matter Transporter both looks and works similarly to the "telepods" from the 1986 American science-fiction horror film The Fly.


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