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Matryoshka-Bom[note 1] is an enemy in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a mass-produced, bomb-based Badnik model created by Dr. Eggman.


Looking like the typical Bigbom, Matryoshka-Boms have large red and gray round bodies with red and blue buttons and a face plate with blue button that looks like their eye. On top of their heads is a fuse that can be ignited. They can come in three different sizes. However, they can be considered slightly slimmer than Bigboms.


In Sonic Mania, and its expansion Sonic Mania Plus, Matryoshka-Boms only appear in Metallic Madness Zone.

Matryoshka-Boms come in three sizes. The large ones normally walk around back and forth in gameplay. Upon encountering the player however, these Badniks will act like a "matryoshka doll"; the large Matryoshka-Bom will open its mouth and release a medium-sized version of itself before lighting its fuse, who will then release an even smaller version of itself before lighting its own fuse. A few seconds afterward, these enemies will explode, each of them releasing four large projectiles that rain down around themselves.

Regular and smaller sized Matryoshka-Boms also appear around their Zone on their own. While regular-sized Matryoshka-Boms can drop smaller ones on their own, the smaller Matryoshka-Boms function as a regular Bomb from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, though with a much faster walking speed. Unlike many other Badniks in Sonic Mania, Matryoshka-Boms do not release any Animals upon their destruction.


  1. While not listed in any instruction manuals, the internal files in the PC release of Sonic Mania refers to this enemy as "MatryoshkaBom".

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