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Not to be confused with the Robot Masters.

The Master Robots[1][2] are a group that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It consists of the bosses that appear in the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Chaos. They are an elite Badnik series designed by Dr. Eggman. Built for the sole purpose of collecting the Chaos Emeralds and stopping Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower from foiling his plans, each of the Master Robots patrolled a zone on South Island until their destruction at the hands of the heroes.

Members in Sonic the Hedgehog 2[]

Image Name Summary
Arijigoku Mecha Pit Master
Main article: Pit Master

Pit Master is the Master Robot of Under Ground Zone. It is a robotic antlion larva with giant mandibles. Dr. Eggman dropped Sonic to confront it, but ended up accidentally destroying his own creation.

Gachau Mecha Hiyoko Master
Main article: Hiyoko Master

Hiyoko Master is the Master Robot of Sky High Zone. It is based on a bird, most likely a goose. It scatters the clouds with some Mecha Hiyoko, then goes after its prey.

Balance Master Balance Master
Main article: Balance Master

Balance Master is the Master Robot of Aqua Lake Zone. It appears to be based on a sea lion at the circus or zoo, as it skillfully used a red ball in battle.

Mecha Pig Dohyo Master
Main article: Dohyo Master

Dohyo Master is the Master Robot of Green Hills Zone. It is a pig taking the appearance of sumo wrestler, and attacks by rolling into a lethal ball that strikes the other side of the hill.

Charge Master Charge Master
Main article: Charge Master

Charge Master is the Master Robot of Gimmick Mountain Zone. It is based on a wild pig or boar, and attacks by charging straight ahead until it hits Sonic or the side of the screen, causing debris and retracting its spikes.

Silver Sonic Mecha Sonic

The Mecha Sonic is the Master Robot of Scrambled Egg Zone. It is the first robotic duplicate of Sonic the Hedgehog, containing a bionic, wire-like limb.

Crystal Egg Zone boss
Main article: Crystal Egg Zone boss

The unnamed Master Robot of Crystal Egg Zone is a mechanism directly operated by none other than Dr. Eggman himself, utilizing an arena specifically built to engage Sonic.

Members in Sonic Chaos[]

Image Name Summary
Great Bane Motora Gold Lady Bug Boss
Main article: Lady Bug Boss

The Lady Bug Boss is the Master Robot of Turquoise Hill Zone. It contains a spring on its back, and lazily moves from side to side.

Bead Worm Boss Art Bead Worm Boss
Main article: Bead Worm Boss

The Bead Worm Boss is the Master Robot of Gigalopolis Zone. It is composed of numerous dangerous balls that it flicks to attack.

Bouncy Boss Robot Art Bouncy Boss Robot
Main article: Bouncy Boss Robot

The Bouncy Boss Robot is the Master Robot of Sleeping Egg Zone. It is based on Dr. Eggman in his mobile, and it rapidly fires projectiles while hopping.

Kamado Max Tree Crawler Boss
Main article: Tree Crawler Boss

The Tree Crawler Boss is the Master Robot of Mecha Green Hill Zone. It crawls along a single palm tree while firing bullets at its foe.

Sphere-o-Bot Boss
Main article: Sphere-o-Bot Boss

The Sphere-o-Bot Boss is the Master Robot of Aqua Planet Zone. It appears to be very loosely based on the previous title's floating Prison Egg, and it launches Mecha Hiyoko as a last resort.

Robotnik 47 Laser Walker
Main article: Laser Walker

The Laser Walker is the Master Robot of Electric Egg Zone. Once again, it is piloted by Dr. Eggman, and its first phase is loosely based on a turkey.


  • The Master Robots are simply called "bosses" in the Japanese manuals, and do not have a group name to distinguish them. This may be analogous to how Badniks in general gained their name in English.
  • There is confusion over what exactly constitutes a Master Robot, as the scoring heading for both manuals has a separate entry for Mecha Sonic and Dr. Eggman's machines, and the latter one splits them between "Boss Robot (Zones 1–2)" and "Boss Robot (Zones 3–5)"; however, the text clearly states every boss in the zones' third Acts are included.[1][2]
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble contains a similar group of enemies, but are instead labeled Boss Robots in English localization.[3]





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