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The Master Koco are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They are a type of Koco exclusive to the Trial Towers on Ouranos Island.



Just like other Koco, the Master Koco sport the same rounded stone-like shape, but presumably a bit larger than average. They also have intricate gold crowns matching the animal they are named after, a triangle of gold on their foreheads and a piece of colored cloth emitting from their crowns.

Characteristics and culture[]

The Master Koco are respected individuals who were, when they were Ancients, known as the Titans' pilots that gave their lives in the fight against The End.[1]


In Sonic Frontiers, the Master Koco are a type of Koco newly added in The Final Horizon update. There are only four, each being, Dragon, Snake, Tiger and Crane, the four pilots who fought against The End as Ancients. Additionally, there is also Master King Koco.

Unlike their regular counterpart, the Master Koco can only be found on the Trial Towers on Ouranos Island. Upon approaching them, they share a bit about their individual struggles when they fought against The End and are able to start up their respective trials.




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