Master Fog Machine

The Master Fog Machine.

The Master Fog Machine is a machine that appears in the story mode of the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. It is used to transmit the Phantasmal Fog to the other fog machines.



Its design is similar to the others but is not exactly the same. It is much bigger than the others and has a bigger shape as well as bigger legs. It has seven legs with at the bottom being containers for differently colored fog. It has under its center a container for the urn with a red and green button. It still has the main colors being red, gray, yellow and black. At the top it has a red circle top on the glass making it harder to break. Inside the glass an energy core doesn't flash and the fog is still seen. After the overload, the top burst off creating fog in the room. It is not destroyed rather, it is shut down by removing the urn and sucking in the fog back into the urn.

In its early stages it was slightly different. Its original appearance didn't have the containers at the bottom of its legs, instead it had a pipe for spewing fog. It had no red button for some reason.

Features and abilities

It has a few new abilities and is more powerful then the other machines. The machine's top which is broken to break the machine is stronger and is protected by a round metal plate on its top. The machine transmitted the fog to the other machines which were protected by Bowser's minions. It was shown to hold more fog then the others when Eggman multiplied the fog it couldn't hold the fog and its power since he miscalculated the power it contained. Even when it overloaded the machine was still able to spread the fog from Big Ben.


In the Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Tricksters Bonus, Dr. Eggman is preparing Metal Sonic for the Olympics. However, his performance is not improving so he takes him out to find opponents. He then cons Waluigi and then Wario into facing him and they lose. Wario then holds up his end of the bargain and gives Dr. Eggman an urn. Dr. Eggman then thinks for a second and takes it, knowing its true purpose. Eggman then builds the fog machine and slightly opens the urn revealing a fog. Sonic then appears and challenges Eggman, but loses and disappears. Eggman then explains what the fog was and how it works.

Later, when he didn't receive his invitation (due to a misunderstanding), he tries to ruin the Olympics with the help of Bowser. However, he fails, and what happened to his machine afterwards this is unknown.

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