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This object exists primarily within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Master Emerald is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is the largest and most powerful emerald of the seven Chaos Emeralds, as well as the one most vital to the Floating Island. If it does not remain in the Emerald Chamber at all times, the Floating Island will fall down to the surface of Mobius in a matter of hours.


Powers and traits

The Master Emerald is an infinite source of chaos energy. While the Grey Emerald can control the Chaos Emeralds, the Master Emerald is the most powerful of the Chaos Emeralds in terms of raw power. The power of the gem can be harnessed to power machinery like the Death Egg and empower beings and robots to immense levels.



The Master Emerald was created, along with the other Chaos Emeralds, by the Drakon Empire. Taken from the Echidnas' Sacred Emerald Mine, the Master Emerald was used to store the chaos energy the Drakons had discovered. Before it could be used for the Drakons' galactic conquest, the Master Emerald and the other Chaos Emeralds were stolen by Pochacamac, sparking a Great War with the Drakon Empire. Amidst a Drakon attack on the Echidnas, a stray laser shot hit the Master Emerald, causing it to 'leak' pure Chaos radiation which transformed a Drakon Prosecutor into Chaos.[1]

Over the next 8,000 years, the Master Emerald and five other Chaos Emeralds somehow got split in half. One half of the Master Emerald remained in the Floating Island's Temple of Chaos, keeping the island airborne alongside the other five halves, where it was guarded by Knuckles the Echidna.[2] The Master Emerald's other half however, was lost to Mobius. Over time, the Master Emerald would lose most of its power, causing it to shrink.[3]

The Master Emerald on Mobius

When the kindly scientist Dr. Ovi Kintobor planned to rid Mobius of evil, he sought out a vessel that could contain such power. He located the Master Emerald and the other five Chaos Emeralds, which were suited for this purpose, and planned to transfer the negative energy he had collected into them using his Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor. Before he could accomplish this however, Kintobor got distracted by a rotten egg and slammed into the ROCC's control panel with his egg-laden hand. The resulting explosion and chaos energy from the Emeralds transformed him into Dr. Ivo Robotnik.[4]

The explosion of the ROCC warped the Master Emerald into the Special Zone. Robotnik held no memory from his time as Kintobor, but knew of the Emeralds and coveted their power for himself. However, Sonic managed to recover the Master Emerald and the others before Robotnik could get them.[5][6] Sonic brought the Emeralds to Kintobor's underground lab for his friend Porker Lewis to monitor. However, with the Emeralds brought together outside of certain stabilizing conditions (such as in extreme cold, the presence of Golden Rings, or in the temple on the Floating Island), they generated and radiate energy, building to a chain reaction. The blast once again warped the Master Emerald back to the Special Zone while striking Sonic with a full blast of chaos energy, transforming him into Super Sonic for the first time.[7]

The Master Emerald was retrieved from the Special Zone again by Sonic,[8] who hid it away with the others Emeralds in the North Cave where the sub-zero temperatures rendered it inactive and prevented the spatial warp.[7] They were briefly stolen by Captain Plunder and his Sky Pirates, but before they could heat up, they absorbed the pirates' negative energy and turned them into easily-beaten hippies.[9]

After this, the Master Emerald was kept in a refrigerated box in Sonic's Emerald Hill Zone headquarters so he could keep an eye on them. Robotnik, meanwhile, had met Knuckles and tricked the echidna into his service by claiming that Sonic had stolen the Emeralds from him. Allowing himself to be captured by the Freedom Fighters, Robotnik lead Knuckles to their headquarters and stole the Emeralds.[10] Afterwards, Knuckles reintegrated the two sets of Chaos Emeralds into one, completing the Master Emerald once more, with the help of one of Robotnik's devices to substitute the Grey Emerald. Robotnik then turned on Knuckles, using the device to absorb the chaos energy into himself, but Knuckles stopped him.[2]

Stationed on the Floating Island

The Master Emerald was returned to the Emerald Chamber in the Hidden Palace on the Floating Island, where it steadily regained its original size and power while keeping the island in the sky. However the Master Emerald was soon targeted by Robotnik who needed it to power his new Death Egg II. Dispatching the Metallix to retrieve it, the robot took the Master Emerald to the Sky Sanctuary Zone to be picked up. Here, Metallix drew upon its power to fight Sonic and Knuckles until Sonic accidentally touched the Master Emerald and temporarily turned into Super Sonic.[3][11] Regardless, the Master Emerald was brought aboard the Death Egg and installed. However, Sonic stowed away aboard the Death Egg and, after a tough fight, was able to grab the Master Emerald and escape the Death Egg. The Master Emerald landed deftly on the island and Knuckles returned it to its rightful place.[12]

The Chaos Emeralds would still be the cause of some trouble later, when Sonic was accidentally exposed to them and transformed into an even more deranged, demonic version of Super Sonic.[13]

Later on, Doctor Zachary found his way to the Floating Island, pretending to be the target of one of the Guardian Robots when he actually planned to use the Master Emerald. When he got Knuckles to show him the Master Emerald, Zachary had his robot smash it and absorb its chaos energy.[14] After Knuckles stopped Zachary, he used the robot's severed head as a substitute container for the Master Emerald's energy.[15] Eventually, Knuckles headed to the Kohenyu Graveyard, home of the Floating Island's Emerald mine where he dug up a Raw Emerald and shaped it into a new Master Emerald. After a brief scuffle with the robot head, Knuckles was able to transfer the original Master Emerald's chaos energy into the new one.[16]

When the Drakon Empire contacted Mobius once more, Emperor Ko-Dorr, head of the House of War, secretly entered into a partnership with Robotnik in order to reclaim the Master Emerald and the remaining Chaos Emeralds to fuel a coup against the House of Magic and the House of Knowledge.[17] As part of a double-cross,[18] Robotnik had his assistant, Grimer, defect to the Drakons[19] and inform them of the Emeralds' whereabouts;[20] the Drakons disabled all of the Floating Island's defenses, allowing Robotnik (after Grimer had the Drakons teleported away) to teleport in and finally seize control of all the Emeralds. At first, the Emeralds' power appeared to be too much for his body to contain and he turned into a crystalline statue,[18] but this soon proved to be merely a chrysalis stage as his form adapted to the energies. Sonic tried absorbing Robotnik's chaos energy with the Master Emerald, but failed as Robotnik evolved further.[21] With the power of a god, Robotnik toyed around with Sonic until the hero baited him into bringing in Knuckles, who drained him of the Emeralds' power which caused him to shrink into a sub-atomic state as he could no longer exist without it.[22]

Return of Chaos

When Chaos was freed by Grimer in an attempt to pull Robotnik out of a suicidal depression, the creature headed for the Floating Island, intending to absorb the Chaos Emeralds into itself. Before it could get to the Master Emerald though, Knuckles jettisoned it and the remaining five Emeralds to the four corners of Mobius. Without the Emeralds' power, the Floating Island crashed to Mobius. Dr. Robotnik then gathered the Master Emerald and the other Emeralds to lure Chaos and the Freedom Fighters to his fortress, so they could all die together. As Sonic came to their aid, Chaos absorbed the Emeralds and became the monstrous "Perfect Chaos". When the creature was defeated though, the Master Emerald was once again in the Freedom Fighter's hands.


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