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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Mass Transit Trouble

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Mass Transit Trouble".

Note: Scenes that were cut from certain reruns are highlighted in red.

[The episode begins with a view of the sea on a dark and stormy night. A wave splashes as thunder booms and lightning flashes. A giant wave pushes a tramp steamer called the M.S.S. Gigantic up and back down, then again as thunder booms and lightning flashes. The camera cuts to a view inside the cabin, where the Wheeler, who is a seal in a sailor's hat and a green sweater, is struggling to keep the ship under control.]

Wheeler: Ugh! Ugh! Argh! Ugh!

[The Wheeler stares in shock at what is ahead.]

Wheeler: [screams]

[A view of some icebergs can be seen outside the ship's deck.]

Wheeler: Captain Finny! We're coming up on a giant iceberg field!

[Thunder booms and lightning flashes as Captain Finny, the Raccoon captain of the M.S.S. Gigantic, slides up to the Wheeler. He bumps into him as he salutes with his right hand.]

Captain Finny: Arrgh, don't worry, I'm ready for em'!

[Captain Finny slides towards the phone. He bumps into it and picks up the receiver with his right hand.]

Captain Finny: Icebergs ahead! Send out the secret weapons!

[Captain Finny slides away, nearly pulling the phone off the wall. The receiver flies into it and destroys it. Back at the wheel, the Wheeler calls out with his left hand while holding onto the wheel with his right.]

Wheeler: Should we slow down?

[Captain Finny slides into the Wheeler. Before he can answer, Sonic can be heard in the distance.]

Sonic [heard offscreen]: Belay that, mateys!

[Sonic kicks the door open with his right foot. He and Tails, who are both wearing sailor suits, dance in.]

Captain Finny: "This is our secret weapon. I asked Sonic along to help us get through those icebergs!

[Sonic salutes with his right hand.]

Sonic: Just point me in the right direction. I'll buzz-saw those bergs into sno-cones!

[The M.S.S. Gigantic floats along the sea. Thunder booms and lightning flashes as Sonic looks at the lighthouse shining its beacon in the distance.]

Sonic: What's that beacon?
Captain Finny: That's lighthouse one, the most important lighthouse on Mobius. All the major shipping routes go through here, and lighthouse one keeps em' safe. So, can you clear a path for us?

[Sonic salutes with his right hand.]

Sonic: Aye-aye, Captain!
Wheeler: Ca-aptain Finny, look at this!

[The Wheeler points ahead with his right index finger. The lighthouse's light suddenly goes out. Captain Finny gasps as thunder booms and lightning flashes.]

Captain Finny [heard offscreen]: Lighthouse one has gone dark! Emergency procedures!

[An alarm sounds and a light flashes.]

Captain Finny [heard offscreen]: Weigh anchor!

[As the Wheeler pulls a lever down with his left hand, thunder booms and lightning flashes.]

Wheeler: Aye-aye, Captain!

[The M.S.S. Gigantic's anchor drops into the sea, stopping the ship, and causing it to tilt forward.]

Sonic, Tails, Captain Finny, and Wheeler: Ugh!

[Sonic, Tails, Captain Finny, and the Wheeler have all fallen onto the windshield. Captain Finny turns to face the Wheeler.]

Captain Finny [in a muffled voice]: Nice work, Sailor!

[Sonic pulls himself off the windshield. As he talks to captain Finny, holding up his left index finger, thunder booms and lightning flashes.]

Sonic: Don't worry, Captain! You stay anchored here, safe from the icebergs, and we'll find out what's going on at lighthouse one!

[Sonic points ahead with his right index finger. He and Tails then escape out the hatch on the frontmost smokestack.]

Sonic: Come on, Tails!

[Sonic runs along the sea, with Tails flying behind him as thunder booms and lightning flashes. Sonic runs up the mountain to the lighthouse, with Tails flying behind him. They eventually get to the top of the lighthouse, and look inside.]

Sonic: Let's shed some light on this lighthouse!

[Inside the lighthouse, Angus MacGull, a scottish seagull, is tied to a pole, and struggling to get loose.]

Angus MacGull: When I get myself loose, I'll kick your metal tail into the highlands!

[Coconuts is revealed to be at the control panel.]

Coconuts: Put a cork in it, will you? Dr. Robotnik gave me my big chance to make good here, and you're not gonna spoil it!
Angus MacGull: Nobody tells Angus MacGull to cork it!

[As Angus MacGull continues ranting, Coconuts is now holding a golf club and is about to hit the golf ball placed in front of it.]

Angus MacGull: I'll knock your block off! I'll stew you into haggis, I will!

[The golf ball Coconuts hits flies into Angus MacGull's mouth, choking him. Coconuts jumps in delight.]

Coconuts: What's the matter, Big Mouth? Can't you talk with your mouth full? Ha ha ha ha ha!

[Sonic is now at the doorway, holding a golf club in his right hand as he points to the golf ball in front of him with his left. A bag of golf clubs is standing near him.]

Sonic: Ach! Bonny shot, me Coconuts! Let me take a slice!

[Sonic hits the golf ball, which flies towards Coconuts, who ducks to avoid getting hit by it. Coconuts points at Sonic with his right index finger.]

Coconuts: Missed me, hedgehog!

[The golf ball bounces against the wall. It flies back towards Coconuts, who ducks to avoid getting hit by it again.]

Coconuts: Ha! missed me again!

[The golf ball bounces against a red button labelled, BEACON, turning the beacon on, and causing it to hit the back of Coconut's head, knocking him over.]

Coconuts: Oof!

[Coconuts gets back up.]

Coconuts [wearily]: That one got me.

[The golf ball flies through Coconuts' light bulb, destroying it.]

Coconuts [wearily]: Ow! Lights out.

[Coconuts falls over. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Tails unties Angus MacGull, while Sonic ties up Coconuts, with Angus MacGull's bagpipes tied behind him.]

Angus MacGull: Ah, thanks, laddies. [As he shakes Tails' right hand with his right hand] You saved me, and lighthouse one, too!
Sonic [as he finishes tying Coconuts up]: All in a day's work! Think these bagpipes will hold him?

[Sonic walks away.]

Coconuts: You'll regret this, hedgehog! Wait till' you see what Dr. Robotnik has in store for you!
Sonic: If old eggbelly gets out of line, me and tails will poach him good!

[Just then, a transmission can be heard of the radio.] Cat Stewardess [heard over the radio]: Mayday! Mayday! This is a planet-wide distress call! [Tails is now standing next to the radio.]

Tails: Something's coming over the shortwaves!
Cat Stewardess [heard over the radio]: Mobius Intercontinental Airport needs help right away! Please!
Sonic: Uh-oh! The airport is hundreds of miles away! Can you handle coconuts?
Angus MacGull: Aye, Laddie! [as he pulls a golf club out of the bag] If he moves, I'll show him a new way to play the bagpipes!

[Tails is now standing next to Sonic.]

Tails: Sonic! What about the ship and the icebergs?

[Sonic turns to face Tails.]

Sonic: As long as they stay anchored where they are, they'll be safe! We'll be back before they know it!

[Sonic grabs Tails' right arm with his left hand, and runs away, dragging him along. Angus MacGull holds his left hand up to his head.]

Angus MacGull: Good luck, laddies! Be careful now!

[As Angus MacGull talks to Sonic and Tails, a pair of scissors sprouts from Coconuts' tail, which he uses to cut the ropes off with.]

Angus MacGull: And give old Robotnik a whack for me! And don't forget to watch your backs!

[As Angus MacGull waves with his left arm, Coconuts sneaks up behind him. He pulls him by the neck with his right arm.]

Coconuts: You should have watched yours, MacGull!

[Coconuts opens his head with his left hand and pulls out a bomb with the same hand. He pushes Angus MacGull back with his right hand, then tosses the bomb into the same hand as he closes his head with his left.]

Coconuts: The trouble's only startin'! When Dr. Robotnik hears I planted this bomb like he wanted, I'll never be on sanitation detail again!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where a polar bear is fishing in the arctic lake. Sonic runs past him, spinning the iceberg he's on around. He gets tangled in the fishing rod, and Sonic runs through the desert, with Tails flying behind him. He runs past a mummy and an archaeologist, unwrapping the mummy, revealing it to be wearing white boxer shorts with red polka dots. The Archaeologist stares at it in shock. Sonic then runs through a logging camp, past two beavers, with Tails flying behind him. They stop when they reach the Cat Stewardess at the Mobius International Airport. By this point, Sonic pants heavily.]

Cat Stewardess: Oh, Sonic! Thank goodness you're here! Somebody has taken over the control tower!

[Sonic pants heavily]

Sonic: How are the planes?
Cat Stewardess: They can't land! And one plane is almost out of fuel!

[Tails walks up to Sonic.]

Sonic: Which one?

[Tails pulls on Sonic's right arm with his left hand and points up with his left index finger.]

Tails: That one, maybe!

[A plane falls towards the airport. One of its jet engines falls off.]

Sonic: Good eye! Wait here!

[Sonic runs away, then spins a tornado.]

Cat Stewardess: "He's making a whirlwind. Isn't he smart? And fast! And handsome!

[Hearts appear in the Cat Stewardess' eyes.]

Tails: Make me barf! Can't you see Sonic's really busy? He doesn't have time for mushy stuff!

[The tornado Sonic spins gets bigger, until the airplane flies into it. The other end of the tornado spits the plane out, causing it to land safely.]

Passengers [heard inside the plane]: Yay! We're free, we're free!

[The tornado disappears as Sonic pants heavily in midair.]

Sonic: No time to chill, gotta check out the control tower!

[Sonic spins towards the control tower, which the camera cuts to a view outside, then zooms in on. Inside the control tower, two dogs with headsets are tied to each other. Scratch is at the control panel, which he smashes with his right hand. He picks it up and tosses it aside with both hands, then digs inside the machine. He tosses pieces aside as Sonic spins through the window. He catches Scratch climbing out the other window.]

Sonic: Hold it right there, Scratch!

[Scratch turns to face Sonic.]

Scratch: This plan is perfect, hedgehog! You got here too late, and now you'll never stop us! Bwahaha!
Sonic: That's what you think, bolt-butt!

[Before Sonic can attack Scratch, a transmission can be heard.]

Jebediah Wee [heard over the radio]: "Mayday! Mayday! This is Mobius Central Train Control! We got a disaster on our hands!
Sonic: "Another one? What's going on?"

[Sonic looks up and notices that Scratch got away. He then turns to face the two dogs, and jumps towards them, landing near them.]

Sonic: Chill, guys! It'll take me just a half a sec to untie you!

[Sonic runs around the rope, untying the two dogs. As he runs away, the two dogs are ?revealed to have their heads on each other's bodies. They stare at each other in shock, then the fat dog grabs his head with his right hand and the skinny dog's head with his left, then puts them back on their respective bodies. The screen transitions to a view outside the airport as Sonic runs up to Tails and the Cat Stewardess. Tails points up with his right index finger.]

Tails: Scratch got away! Why didn't you stop him?
Sonic [wearily]: No time. Got a call on the radio. We've gotta stop a trainwreck at... Infinite Points!
Cat Stewardess: Infinite Points Railroad Junction? That's on the other side of the planet!
Tails [wearily]: Yeah, and we're both really beat! Can we make it?
Sonic: We've got to! Let's go!

[Sonic runs away, and Tails flies behind him.]

Cat Stewardess: Oh! [As she slaps her head with her right hand] I can't believe I didn't give that hunk my phone number! Oh! Well, at least the airport is safe!

[Inside the control tower, the Fat Dog is sitting in his chair. The camera zooms in on him, then cuts to a close-up of the bomb beeping under the chair. Back outside the control tower, Scratch is driving the Egg-o-Matic hovercraft, holding its steering wheel in his right hand and a microphone in his left.]

Scratch: Bomb planted on scedule, Dr. Robotnik! And the hedgehog has already left! Bwahaha!

[Scratch flies away, then the screen transitions to the next scene, where a poster that says, BUY ROBOTNIK BRANDS and has a picture of Robotnik's face on it can be seen on the left side of the screen as a painter paints the wall on the right side with red paint. Sonic runs past him, pushing the red paint onto the poster, covering it up. Sonic then runs between two trees in the forest, one of which, a sleeping man is leaning up against. The trees fly away, and the sleeping man falls over. Sonic then runs by a sign that says, ART EXHIBIT and two statues, one of a head with its mouth open, and another of a left hand with its thumb sticking out. The hand moves clockwise, causing its thumb to go in the statue's mouth. The screen then transitions to an overhead view of Infinite Points railroad junction, then the camera moves over to Jebediah Wee. Sonic runs up to him.]

Jebediah Wee: Huh?

[Sonic runs past Jebediah Wee, creating a cloud of dust. Jebediah Wee goes into his shell, which goes on its back and spins around as the dust clears. Jebediah Wee then pokes his head out of his shell to face Sonic's backside.]

Jebediah Wee: Well, howdy-doo.

[Sonic turns to face Jebediah Wee.]

Jebediah Wee: I'm Jebediah Wee.

[Sonic gasps.]

Sonic: Train wreck? Where is it?

[Jebediah Wee stands up, and is holding his hat in his right hand, which he puts on his head.]

Jebediah Wee: Well, some rascally robot took over the switchin' house at gunpoint!

[The camera moves over to Tails, who is standing next to Jebediah Wee.]

Tails: Sounds familiar.

[Jebediah Wee walks past Tails and pulls down a map of the junction with his left hand.]

Jebediah Wee: And now, we got three trains all heading for a collision from different directions. I was hoping y'all might be willing to help us out, seeing as how you're such a famous hero and all.

[Sonic looks around as various train horns sound. He stares in shock, and his jaw drops to his feet.]

Sonic: [screams]

[The camera moves to each of the trains, who all blow their horns. They all approach each other. Sonic looks around in panic, then runs up to a wagon filled with railroad ties. As he spins away with it, Jebediah Wee continues talking to Tails.]

Jebediah Wee: And of course, every train on Mobius has to come through here.

[Sonic runs past Jebediah Wee and Tails as the latter stares at him, and the former points at the map with his right index finger. Sonic then runs past a red signal that says, STOP, which changes to green and says, GO SONIC. Sonic then stops in the middle of the junction.]

Jebediah Wee: And it would triple all awful.

[Sonic forms a cloud of dust as he works in the middle of the junction. Tails gasps and stares in shock. The trains blow their horns as they get closer to the middle of the junction.]

Tails: [screams]

[The three trains meet in the middle of the junction as the dust cloud gets bigger. When it clears, they all move away from each other. Sonic pants heavily, wipes his head with his left hand, and walks away. the camera moves up, revealing he made three separate loops for the trains to travel across.]

Jebediah Wee: Not to mention, costing me my job. So, will you help?

[Sonic runs up to Jebediah Wee and pants heavily.]

Sonic: I'll see what I can do.
Tails: To the switching house?
Sonic: Yeah, and three guesses who we're gonna find railroading the place!

[Sonic runs past Tails, who follows him. Tails runs up to the signal house and opens the door. He looks inside, and sees nobody at the control panel. He looks over at the Platypus signalman, who is tied up.]

Tails: [screams]

[Tails runs up to the Platypus signalman and unties him. Sonic looks around.]

Sonic: Hmmm. No sign of Robotnik's stoogebot, but there's gotta be one here somewhere!

[Grounder, who is holding a microphone in his right hand, rolls past the signal tower.]

Grounder: Grounder to Dr. Robotnik! Mission accomplished! Ha ha! Nobody saw me plant the time bomb! Over.

[Dr. Robotnik can be seen on the microphone's screen.]

Dr. Robotnik: Delightful! Now I can spring my little surprise!

[Sonic wearily walks up to the chair of the control panel and pulls on its lever, turning it counter-clockwise.]

Sonic: "I gotta rest, Tails! [as he gets into the chair] I couldn't take another step if the fate of the world depended on it!

[Robotnik appears on the monitors of the control panel. Sonic immediately turns his attention to the monitors.]

Robotnik: Attention, Mobius! I, the deliciously diabolical Dr. Robotnik, have successfully planted ultra-powerful fusion bombs in each of Mobius' most important land, sea, and air complexes!

[Images of the Infinite Points Junction, Lighthouse One, and the Mobius International Airport, appear onscreen.]

Tails: Bombs? He planted bombs?

[Sonic is now standing atop the chair as he holds out his left hand like a stop sign.]

Sonic: Just don't panic! We can't panic!

[An image of Lighthouse One is on the leftmost monitor, an image of the Mobius International Airport is on the middle monitor, and an image of Infinite Points Junction is on the rightmost monitor.]

Robotnik: Five minutes from now, they will simultaneously detonate,

[Robotnik appears on the three monitors.]

Robotnik: Bringing all transportation on Mobius to a standstill! Then no one can escape my tyranny, and my robot soldiers will control you all! And don't expect that interfering teenage hedgehog to save you this time!

[Tails points at the monitors with his right index finger.]

Tails: Oh, yeah? Why not?
Robotnik: Because I'm so brilliant! I had my lackeys tire out Sonic and Tails by making them think my robots were the threat. Their real mission was to plant the bombs! Now that my plan is in motion, there's no way to stop it. Not even Sonic the Hedgehog can be in three places at once!

[Robotnik laughs evilly, until Sonic shuts the monitor off with a remote control he is holding in his right hand.]

Sonic: Now, we panic.

[Sonic pulls the lever on the remote forward, causing the screen to fade to black. The second act takes place where the first one left off. Sonic turns to face Tails.]

Sonic: Okay, three bombs set in three different places all over the planet. That isn't so bad.
Tails: But you've only got five minutes before they all go off!
Sonic: So we'll find the one here at the train switching house in two seconds!

[Sonic runs up to the levers, then to the chair of the control panel. He then runs around the switching house until he screeches to a halt.]

Sonic: Maybe it's outside.

[Sonic runs out the doorway. The camera moves over to Tails, who is thinking about where the bomb might be as Sonic runs up to the window from outside.]

Sonic: I'm gonna check the trainyard!

[Tails hears a ticking noise and stares in shock.]

Tails: [screams]

[The bomb can be seen under the table.]

Tails: Hmmm...

[Tails grits as he walks up to the table. He then pushes it forward.]

Tails: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

[Sonic runs back to the window.]

Sonic: I'm gonna check the station. [As he stares in shock at the bomb inside, he screams]

[The bomb can be seen inside the station, glued to a piece of steel bolted to the floor. Tails jumps in panic, then cups his left hand to his mouth.]

Tails: Sonic!

[Sonic runs up to the bomb. He grabs it with both his hands, and he struggles to pull it off the piece of steel, but to no avail.]

Sonic: Ugh! Ugh! Wha! Ugh!

[Sonic wipes his head with his right hand. He turns around, and stares in shock.]

Sonic: [screams]

[Tails runs in, holding up a mallet.]

Tails: I'll take care of this!

[Sonic holds out his arms like stop signs in shock.]

Sonic: No! The shock'll set it off!
Tails: Ugh!

[Tails lowers the mallet. He opens his left eye wide, then frowns on the verge of crying.]

Tails: I'm sorry!

[Sonic flinches.]

Sonic: I'm just glad you missed... the bomb, that is!

[Sonic holds up his right foot, revealing half of his shoe to have been torn off by Tails' mallet, and his foot to be swollen. He spins his right foot around, and his shoe is somehow repaired.]

Tails: So what are we supposed to do now? We're not strong enough to yank it off.
Sonic: Strength ain't everything, little bud!

[Sonic runs in place, then all over the signal house.]

Sonic: Well, here goes nothing!

[Sonic screeches to a halt, and past Tails and the bomb. Tails points at Sonic with his right index finger.]

Tails: Sonic! Your sneakers! They're red hot!

[Sonic's shoes are revealed to have overheated. The camera moves from them up to Sonic.]

Sonic: I know! I just hope they're hot enough!

[Sonic walks up to the bomb, and stands atop it, with his overheated shoes at each side. Smoke emits from the shoes.]

Sonic: It's almost loose! It's almost loose!

[Tails walks up to Sonic. He stares in concern, which quickly turns to joy as smoke fills up the screen.]

Sonic: It's almost...

[When the smoke clears, a hole in the floor where the bomb was is revealed. Sonic jumps out, holding the bomb in both his hands.]

Sonic: It's loose!
Tails: You did it! One down and... oh, no! Two to go!

[Sonic sets the bomb down.]

Sonic: Wait here!

[Sonic runs away, then comes back, wearing a yellow backpack.]

Tails: Where'd you get the bag?
Sonic [heard offscreen]: In the lost and found. We'll return it later.

[As Sonic talks to Tails, he puts the bomb in the backpack.]

Sonic: Right now, we need it! I've gotta take this bomb with me!

[Sonic puts the backpack on, and his left hand on Tails' left shoulder. He then points at Tails with his right index finger.]

'Sonic: No time to figure out what to do with it right now. I'm heading for the airport, and then the lighthouse. You're as tired as I am, and there's no way you can keep up, so get there as soon as you can! Gotta speed, keed!

[Sonic runs away, and out the doorway. The screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place in a forest. The camera zooms in on a bush, where Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts are hiding in their latest attempt to stop Sonic. Scratch slaps his head with his right hand.]

Scratch: D'oh, okay! Let me try explaining this one last time!
Coconuts: Thanks, I'm a little fuzzy on it, too.

[Scratch stares in confusion, then lowers his eyelids in disdain. Sonic runs along the forest path.]

Scratch: Just in case the hedgehog gets the bomb out of the trainyard, I've set a trap for him! Bwahaha!

[Sonic continues running along the forest path. The camera cuts to a view of a trip wire and zooms in on it.]

Scratch: I've already planted a trip wire across the road on the other side of this bush!

[Scratch holds up a bomb, which he is holding in both his hands.]

Scratch: Now we're going to bury this bomb in the middle of the road!

[The screen transitions to a drawing of the spot where Scratch is going to bury the bomb, and the camera zooms out on it.]

Scratch: Once Sonic hits the trip wire, he'll be blown sky-high! Bwahaha!

[A drawing of Sonic trips over the wire and lands on the drawing of the spot where Scratch is going to bury the bomb. A drawing of an explosion, complete with the word, BOOM appears, then when it clears, a crater is made in the spot, and a large pile of bones falls in it. The screen then transitions to a view of Grounder and Coconuts.]

Grounder: Oh, now I get it!
Coconuts: Yeah, there'll be no way that hedgehog can save Mobius!

[Sonic runs across the forest path.]

Scratch: Ha ha ha! We're gonna get to hear a "Sonic Boom"! Bwahaha!

[Grounder and Coconuts laugh evilly with Scratch, then Sonic continues running along the forest path.]

Coconuts: "Sonic Boom"! Ha ha ha ha! Oh, that's a good one! Ha ha! So, when do we bury the bomb?
Grounder: Better yet, when do we bury Sonic?

[Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts all laugh evilly. They stop laughing when Sonic jumps over the trip wire, then they all stare in shock.]

Coconuts: Huh?
Scratch: What do you know? Someone's running ahead of schedule!

[Scratch is now holding the bomb in both his hands as Coconuts stands behind him, pointing at him with his right index finger.]

Coconuts: Well, what do we do now?

[Scratch turns to face Coconuts.]

Scratch: Well, since we don't need this now, why don't you hold it?

[Scratch hands Coconuts the bomb. Coconuts then turns towards Grounder.]

Coconuts: No! You hold it!

[Coconuts tosses the bomb, which lands in front of Grounder. Sonic runs down the forest path as the bomb explodes, launching Scratch, Grounder, and Coconut's disembodied heads into the air.]

Scratch: D'oh, Grounder, you were supposed to catch it!
Grounder: Oh. I wondered about that.

[Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts' disembodied heads all fall and land in the crater the bomb created. The screen transitions to the next scene, where the M.S.S. Gigantic is still anchored near Lighthouse One. Thunder booms and lightning flashes. Inside the ship, Captain Finny and the Wheeler are worried about the storm.]

Wheeler: Uh, the seas look pretty rough, Captain Finny.

[Thunder booms and lightning flashes.]

Captain Finny: Arrgh, Sonic'll be back soon. We're safe as long as we stay anchored.

[Thunder booms and lightning flashes as the chains to the anchor begin to give.The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic screeches to a halt at the Mobius International Airport.]

Sonic: Phew! Made it! No time to be tired now. Gotta find the bomb, but where?
Cat Stewardess [heard offscreen]: Sonic!

[Sonic turns around.]

Sonic: Huh?

[The Cat Stewardess walks up to Sonic, carrying a weapons detector in her left hand.]

Cat Stewardess: I'm so glad you came back! Give me a call after you save the planet Mobius!

[The Cat Stewardess reaches behind her back and pulls out a card with her phone number on it, which she hands to Sonic, who holds it in his right hand.]

Sonic: Do you have any idea where the bomb might be? I... wait a minute! What's that?

[Sonic points at the weapons detector with his right index finger.]

Cat Stewardess: It's a metal detector. We scan all the passengers to make sure no one brings any weapons aboard.
Sonic: Perfect! Let me see it.
Cat Stewardess: You can set it to detect any kind of weapon you want.
Sonic: Okay, let's see what this baby can do!

[Sonic presses a button on the metal detector with his right index finger, and an image of a knife appears on its screen.]

Sonic: Knife...

[Sonic presses the button again, and an image of a gun appears on the screen.]

Sonic: Gun...

[Sonic presses the button again, and an image of some spitballs appear on the screen.]

Sonic: Spitballs...

[Sonic presses the button again, and an image of a bomb appears on the screen.]

Sonic: Bomb! All right! We've got a bomb detector! Now, to increase the power to maximum...

[Sonic presses the other button on the metal detector, and it growls. Sonic stares in shock at it as it barks. He holds onto its handle with his left hand as it bounces around the airport, dragging him along.]

Sonic: Whoa-oa!

[The metal detector bounces Sonic into the leftmost doorway of the hangar, and then out the rightmost one. It then bounces him into an airplane. Inside the plane, the human passengers stare at him.]

Sonic: Whoa, whoa! Oh, oh, oh! Whoa! Whoa!

[Sonic falls and lands in a seat, and the metal detector lands in the seat next to him.]

Sonic: Well, where is it? Where's the bomb?

[The airplane's bell dings.]

Cat Stewardess: Good afternoon, passengers. Today's inflight movie will be Invasion of the Colosal Celery People.

[Sonic, unamused, turns to face the Metal Detector and grabs it with his left hand.]

Sonic: Not a movie kind of bomb! A boom! bomb!

[The Metal Detector smiles and barks excitedly. Sonic holds onto it with both his hands as it flies out of the airplane and through the open window of the control tower. Sonic lets go of it as it flies towards the chair, and lands on the wall. As he talks, he walks onto the ceiling.]

Sonic: This thing has me climbing the walls!

[Sonic jumps down and lands on the floor below.]

Sonic: There's a happy landing! Huh?

[The camera moves over to the metal detector, who barks excitedly.]

Sonic: What do you got, boy? Find something?

[The metal detector barks and howls excitedly as Sonic walks towards it. Sonic picks up the chair with his left hand, revealing the bomb under it.]

Sonic: Will you look at that?

[The camera zooms in on the bomb, then cuts to a close-up of it.]

Sonic: Another bomb!

[Sonic picks up the bomb with his right hand and puts it in his backpack.]

Sonic: Okay, two down and...

[Sonic looks at the watch on his left wrist.]

Sonic: Fifteen seconds to get to Lighthouse One!

[The camera cuts to a close-up of Sonic's watch. While its 12 and 9 are where they should be, the 3 consists of three horizontal lines stacked atop each other, and the 6 is in Roman Numerals (VI).]

Sonic: It's on the other side of the planet!

[The numbers on Sonic's watch quickly turn to a skull and crossbones.]

Sonic: I'll never make it around in time! Gotta think fast!

[The numbers on Sonic's watch reappear.]

Sonic: Hmmm.

[A thought balloon with one light bulb appears near Sonic.]

Sonic: I can do better than that!

[Three feminine-looking light bulbs appear in the thought balloon.]

Sonic: Now that's more like it! Contact!

[Sonic spins out of the control tower, and into the ground. While underground, he passes by a treasure chest filled with gold and jewels and the skeleton of a pirate next to it. When he reaches the middle of the planet, he spins away, and a trail of oil spews out behind him. The oil chases him, but he eventually loses it. He then bounces against some rocks, which light up and ding to the tune of "In the Hall of Mountain King". He then goes into a tunnel below a dinosaur skeleton, which then has its bones move around to form the word, TILT. The screen then transitions to a view of the M.S.S. Gigantic still anchored as thunder booms and lightning flashes. The chain to the anchor breaks, and the M.S.S. Gigantic begins to float away. Thunder booms and lightning flashes as the Wheeler turns to face Captain Finny, then points at the windshield with his right index finger.]

Wheeler: Captain Finny, the ship is drifting toward the icebergs! We're finished!

[Beads of sweat roll down the Wheeler's head. Thunder booms and lightning flashes as the M.S.S. Gigantic continues floating towards the icebergs. A wave washes over it, which is used as a transition to a view of Lighthouse One, which the camera zooms in on as thunder booms and lightning flashes. Inside, Angus MacGull is writing on a piece of paper that says, Last Will and Testament in red letters with a pen he is holding in his right foot.]

Angus MacGull: And to me darling Mother, I'm leaving every last one of me kilts, seeing how she looks better in em' than I do.

[Angus MacGull is revealed to be tied to a pole, with his bagpipes in his lap. A rumble occurs outside the lighthouse.]

Angus MacGull: What? This is it! I'm ready to go down with me lighthouse!

[Angus MacGull plays a sad tune on his bagpipes as the camera moves away from him. Sonic emerges from a hole he made in the floor. He then spins towards Angus MacGull and breaks the ropes, setting him free.]

Angus MacGull: Sonic, me laddie! Tis' you!

[Sonic spins away.]

Sonic: Can't talk now, Angus.

[Sonic runs around the lighthouse, searching for the third and final bomb.]

Sonic: Nope, nothing, nuh-uh. Aha!

[The camera cuts to a view outside Lighthouse One and zooms in on the roof, which Sonic is atop.]

Sonic: Gotcha!

[Sonic picks up the bomb with both his hands.]

Sonic: Bomb number three! Come to Papa!

[Sonic puts the bomb in his backpack.]

Sonic: Phew! Made it! I got all three bombs! Uh-oh! I-I've got... all three b-b-bombs! [as he looks at his watch] Th-th-three s-seconds!

[Sonic jumps into the water. He swims frantically across it.]

Sonic: "One thousand two, one thousand one,

[Sonic tosses the backpack with the bombs aside, and it hits an iceberg. It explodes, shattering the iceberg to pieces. Inside the M.S.S. Gigantic, Captain Finny watches as pieces of the iceberg fall in front of the ship.]

Wheeler: Yahoo! We're saved! Sonic just demolished the icebergs! It's a miracle!

[Captain Finny picks up a glass with his left hand and holds it up. A piece of the iceberg falls in it.]

Captain Finny: A miracle named "Sonic"!

[Captain Finny pours the piece of the iceberg from the glass into his mouth and crunches it. Back outside, Sonic swims wearily as the storm has now passed.]

Sonic [wearily]: I did it! Oh, piece of cake! Yes, sirree! Never... doubted it for a second! Oh... yeah... I...

[Sonic stops swimming from fatigue and sinks into the sea. Tails flies up to him.]

Tails: Sonic!

[Tails dives into the sea and pulls Sonic out just in time. He then flies him onto the M.S.S. Gigantic.]

Tails: He was in three places, almost at once! Poor guy! I'm exhausted, but at least I didn't have to keep up with Sonic!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where inside the M.S.S. Gigantic, Tails, Captain Finny, and the Wheeler watch over Sonic, who is resting on a foldable bed.]

Captain Finny: He sure has earned a long rest!

[The monitor turns on, and Tails points at it with his left index finger.]

Tails: L-l-look!

[Robotnik appears on the monitor, laughing evilly. The camera moves over to the other monitors.]

Robotnik: Quake with fear, you tiny fools! Now that I have taken control of all modes of transportation on Mobius...

[Robotnik turns around as Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts all argue inintelligibly.]

Robotnik: What? Can't you see I'm speaking to a world population that will now be forced to grovel at my feet?
Scratch [heard offscreen]: It was your fault! I didn't...
Robotnik: What do you mean, "They're not groveling"?

[The camera zooms out on the monitors, and to Sonic, who is still resting atop the foldable bed.]

Robotnik: My bomb plan bombed? How could it?
Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts [heard offscreen]: It was all because of him!
Robotnik: Because of who? I hate that hedgehog!

[Sonic turns over as he continues resting, and the screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Tails is riding a bicycle down the street. Some cars screech to a halt as he drives past them in an intersection. As Tails rides towards a stop sign, Sonic runs up to him and holds out his left hand like a stop sign. Tails immediately screeches to a halt, narrowly avoiding a truck that drives by. Tails looks over at the truck.]

Tails: Thanks, Sonic! You really saved my tails this time!
Sonic: Don't you know the basic bicycle safety rules, Tails? Always stay in the bike lane, and don't ride in the middle of the street! Always cross the street at the crosswalk, and be sure to stop at all stop signs, don't ride through em'!

[The screen fades to black.]