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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Mass Transit Trouble

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"Mass Transit Trouble" is the forty-second episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the forty-second episode, it aired as the forty-sixth episode during the show's original run.




  • Lighthouse 1
  • M.S.S Gigantic
  • Mobius' Intercontinental Airport (Only appearance)
  • Mobius' Central Train Control
  • All over Mobius
    • Ice Caps
    • Desert
    • Beaver Camping ground

Sonic costumes

  • Sailor


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This episode starts where there is a boat out in the green water during a nasty thunder storm and inside the ship is known as Captain Finny being told that there are icebergs up ahead. he slid down to the wheeler and smashed him, telling him to not worry and Finny was ready for them and slid to a telephone. Finny told the the crew that there were icebergs up ahead and to send up their secret weapon. Then when the ship leaned to one side, Finny slid to the side it was leaning on and the telephone broke through the wall when Finny let go of it. Mean while the Wheeler asked Finny if they should slow down. Finny slid and smashed the wheeler again. Then before Finny could answer, Sonic said to be ready then madies. Sonic and Tails came out the door with sailor suits on doing some kind of dance. then Finny said that Sonic was their secret weapon and he brought him along to help get through those icebergs. Then Sonic did a stance and said to just put him in the right direction and he'll buzz saw those icebergs into snow cones. The two heroes entire the lighthouse and find the Scottish gull Angus MacGull, captured by Coconuts. Sonic defeats the robot with a golf ball, Tails frees Angus and they shackle Coconuts with bagpipes on his back. Their celebrating gets interrupted by a call from Mobius' Intercontinental Airport saying a plane is going to crash. Sonic assures Tails the ship will be saved as long as it's anchored and runs to the airport hundreds of miles away. Just then Coconuts frees himself by transforming his tail into a pair of scissors, cuts the rope he was shackled with and knocks Angus out. Then he takes a time bomb out of his body, saying he'll plant it in the lighthouse in order of Doctor Robotnik.

Sonic, who's already tired, arrives at the airport and meets a Cat Stewardess who tells him someone took over the control tower so one plane is almost out of fuel and about to crash. The hedgehog quickly makes a whirlwind and brings the plane to the ground saved, and the stewardess falls for Sonic. Then he checks out the control tower and finds the workers shackled and Scratch escaping through a window. Once again an important call comes on the radio but this time from Mobius' Central Train Control, saying a train wreckage is about to happen. Sonic and Tails are rapid going there and it's shown that another time bomb is placed under a chair in the control tower.

At the Train Control an old Turtle train conductor tells the heroes a robot changed the controls and explains that three trains will crash. The trains almost collide but Sonic builds several looping on the tracks to give each train it's actual way. Tails and Sonic entire the switching house and find the switchman shackled as Grounder escapes. Sonic says he has to rest as Robotnik appears on three monitors says his plan has finally worked because he planted bombs in each of Mobius' most important land- sea- and air-complexes. The bombs will all explode in five minutes so his robots can control everyone and Sonic won't stop him because he had his lackies tire out him and Tails, making them think his robots were the problem but just planted the bombs instead and not even Sonic can be in three places at once. Just then notices one of the bombs in the switching house. Sonic tries to deactivate it but fails so Tails wants to smash it with a hammer but Sonic stops him, disarms the weapon with his sneakers which are burning hot by running and takes it with him.

Meanwhile the S.S.S.S.S.S. plans to eliminate Sonic but fails as usual.

As the blue hedgehog arrives at the airport the stewardess gives Sonic her phone number and a metal detector to find the bomb. With the machine's help Sonic finds the bomb in the control tower, takes it with him but then notices he has only fifteen seconds left to find the third bomb. To reach the other side of the planet, Sonic simply spins through the ground while the anchor chain, that keeps the M.S.S Gigantic safe, breaks so the ship's drifting straight into the ice bergs.

In Lighthouse 1 Sonic frees Angus and finds the last bomb on top of the building. With the weapons he jumps into the ocean and swims as far away as he can, throws them away, making the bombs destroy the ice bergs. Happily the hero swims back to the ship but almost drowns because he's so tired but Tails saves him.

In the end, Doctor Robotnik on the ship's monitors claims his plan has finally worked, but Scratch, Grounder and Coconuts tell him they failed and Mobius is saved. The Doctor gets very upset and shouts his catchphrase which Sonic sleeps through on a camp bed.

Sonic Sez

Sonic saves Tails in the daily traffic and tells the kids about the basic bicycle safety rules on the street.

Tails:[after almost being run over by truck but saved by Sonic] "Thanks Sonic, you really saved my tails this time."

Sonic: "Don't you know the basic bicycle safety rules, Tails? [turns to the viewer] Always stay in the bike lane, don't ride in the middle of the street. Always cross the street at a crosswalk and be sure to stop at all stop signs. Don't ride through!"


  • Coconuts' nose disappears for a very short time when he's holding the bomb in his hand.
  • When Doctor Robotnik explains his plan to Sonic and Tails and the airport is shown, it looks like Sonic is standing there, waving.
  • When Grounder, Coconuts and Scratch are hiding in the bush and laugh, Scratch's mouth is moving while only Coconuts' laugh is heard.

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