Marve-shupopolous-gou (マーベ=シュポポラス号?) is the second boss in Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble. The player faces it in Sunset Park Zone Act 3. Unlike other bosses in the game, Marve-shupopolous-gou only takes four hits to be destroyed.

Being created by Dr. Robotnik, Marve-shupopolous-gou is an orange-colored, robotic train that launches spiky bombs from the back of its head. Being a robotic train, it is an extremely long transport vehicle, where the entirety of Sunset Park Zone Act 3 takes place.


Sunset Park Zone Act 3 begins automatically after clearing the previous act; there is no result screen and the signpost disappears after being touched due to the section beginning to move. It consists of an automated section, where the player runs forward along a high speed freight train. Sonic and Tails are able to do the Spin Jump and move backwards or forwards. The only hazards on the automatic section are Bombaberry Badniks, which normally drop spiky bombs on the player, and small gaps between the train cars which act like bottomless pits.

When the player has successfully avoided all obstacles, they will eventually reach to the front of the train, where the Marve-shupopolous-gou itself is. It will start to fire bombs from its boiler periodically; these can be avoided by jumping over them. As the boss is fought on a fast-moving track, any lost rings fall to the bottom and are unrecoverable, making it vital to avoid attacks. The player has to hit a part of Marve-shupopolous-gou's head whilst jumping over the bombs to damage it. After doing this four times, it starts exploding with a shocked expression on its face, and then it derails and comes to a stop. After this, the player character Spin Dashes off the train and head to the next Zone.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Sonic - Triple Trouble - Boss Theme Yayoi F 1:12
Sonic - Triple Trouble - Boss Theme


  • Marve-shupopolous-gou's name comes from the English word "marvelous" with the Japanese word "shupo-shupo" in the middle, which is onomatopoeia for the sound a steam train makes. The suffix "-gou" (?) literally translates to "number" or "version", and is often placed at the end of vehicle names.



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