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Marmolims[1] are creatures that appear in the Sonic X anime series. They are an alien species native to Planet Marmolim.



Marmolims are very short creatures, even compared to anthropomorphic animals such as Sonic. They usually have odd shaped, yet still round, heads with clusters of hair on top. Said hair often matches their skin color to a degree, though not always. Their skin color itself varies widely in color, as Marmolims have been shown to come in many different colors. Marmolims’ eyes have no sclera.

Characteristics and culture

The Marmolim culture is very magic-based, as practices such as fortune telling and soothe saying are very common among them. They appear to be well versed in these forms of magic as well. Their magic also extends to areas such as love spells and love potions and charms meant to protect their users, such as a bracelet that protects its user from water.[1]

They use a coin-based currency called Fleebos. They have ships that resemble meteors.

Akin to most anthropomorphic animals, Marmolims generally wear nothing more than gloves and shoes, including the females like Momo.[1]



Metarex Saga

A trio of Marmolims were first encounter by Blue Typhoon crew. Upon bringing the Marmolim spaceship and its members onto the Blue Typhoon, the Marmolims were discovered to have a Chaos Emerald with them, though they refused to give it. Despite this, the majority of the group agreed to take the Marmolims back to their planet, which Amy objected to until she heard of the love spells they have.[1]

Arriving on the home planet of the Marmolims, the crew began to explore the area, experiencing the culture of the Marmolims. Some time later, Sonic assisted the creatures in bringing out water which was trapped underground for them, earning the hedgehog the praise of the alien race.[1]

List of known Marmolins

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