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Team Sonic Racing
Market Street

Market Street (マーケットストリート Mākettosutorīto?)[1] is a race track that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is based off the daytime version of Rooftop Run.


Sonic in Market Street.

Market Street is a racing circuit set within Rooftop Run, a section of Spagonia with structures inspired by real-life West European architecture, including those in France, Italy and Great Britain. As such, the circuit's roads lead around a quite traditional urban area built mostly out of stone. The whole area is also encircled by green mountain regions.

The beginning of the circuit features artistic grandstands filled with cheering Chao, market tents, and a starting line. The sky above Market Street is blue with a flew clouds and hot air balloons decorating it. Also decorating the airspace are balloons designed like Sonic and Shadow's heads. Being an urban area, Market Street also features several orange-roofed buildings that are packed closely together. Despite that, there are also beautiful small parks, trees, bushes, and flowers along the race track. Standing above the city are also giant aqueducts that the track leads across, stone arches and bridges. The roads themselves are coated in a layer of neatly arranged stones.


Market Street has multiple paths to choose from. One section of the road in particular is a wall with water coming out of holes in it. If the player gets hit by the water, they will take damage. The balloons can also be used to bounce on to reach a higher area.

Along the Market Street track are also numerous lawns with grass that only Technique-Type characters can drive across without losing speed. The route also has chimneys and tables with chairs and umbrellas along them that Power-Type characters can bash through and earn Rings from in the process. Alternatively, the player can destroy these objects with Wisp power-ups.


Map of Market Street.

The race begins on a city street, which goes uphill while turning to the left, before turning to the right. Afterward, it turns to the left again and goes straight ahead. In this section, the player has two routes to choose fromt. As the first option, the player can follow the main road and head straight through the incoming left turn before jumping off the downward-going staircase along the road and then follow the road that leads under the aqueduct. As the second option, the player can head up the road on the right at the beginning of the straight road section. This road will head through a turn to the left and towards a ramp that the player can jump off in order to reach another road that runs parallel to that of the main road, but set on a higher level than the main road, near the street's wall. Eventually though, this path will remerge with the main road.

After driving under the aqueduct, the player has to go through a sharp turn to the right. On the left side of this turn however is a large lawn with speed-reducing grass, forcing the player to either make a narrower or wider turn, depending on their character. After getting through this turn, the player then has to make a sharp turn to the left that leads toward the aqueduct. However, the before the last rightward turn, the player can also take s shortcut through a branching path on the right that appears before the rightward turn. By taking this shortcut, the player will hit an uphill route with a ramp at the end which the player can jump off in order to reach the next route. Eventually though, this shortcut will remerge with the main road on the stretch leading up to the aqueduct. By following the main road will here, the player will enter a sloping road that leads across the walls of the aqueduct. Along this road however, damage-inducing water will coming out of the holes in the road, meaning the player has to be careful when passing them. Eventually, however, the road will end, leaving the player to jump off it, leading them to landing back down on the streets again. After landing on the street, the player has to make it through a rightward swing, which ends with a drop down to a lower-level street. At the end of this street is a wide spring, which will send the player bouncing across hot air balloons. After bouncing across the balloons, the player will enter a downhill street that turns to the left.

After getting through the leftward turn, the player will enter a section where they have three routes to choose fromt. By taking the middle road, the player will fall down on the main street where they will have to pass through several rightward and leftward turns which lead straight to the finish line, which has buildings on both side of it. In addition, this route has breakable tables with chairs and umbrellas covering the right side of the road. The other sideways routes the player can take after getting through the leftward turn lead across the rooftops on the buildings, which have breakable chimneys along them. At some point though, the player can pass from the left rooftop road to the right rooftop road via a wooden bridge. Regardless of which road the player takes though, the routes will eventually emerge with the main road, which leads to the finish line.

Market Street also has its own mirror image version of it where the left and right sides are interchanged.


  • The music that plays for Market Street is a remixed version of the daytime music for Rooftop Run.
  • The hot air balloons, which are seen in the background, are a reference to the version of Rooftop Run from Sonic Generations.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Market Street: Intro Fly-by" SEGA / Jun Senoue & Sonic Adventure Music Experience 0:23
"Market Street: Lap Music" SEGA / Hyper Potions & Jun Senoue[2] 3:36
"Market Street: Final Lap" SEGA / Hyper Potions & Jun Senoue 1:35
"Market Street: Goal" SEGA / Hyper Potions & Jun Senoue 0:10



Market Street - Team Sonic Racing


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