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Mark is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic chimpanzee who is in charge of the electrical maintenance in the Casino Night Zone, along with his partner Sparks. The two of them are fans of Tails, claiming he is second best to Sonic.[1]


When Tails was working on defeating a group of Badniks that was terrorizing the Casino Night Zone, Mark and Sparks came and offered their help to Tails after Max Gamble, the casino owner, pressured him on. The two of them put together a Badnik disguised for Tails, allowing him to find and infiltrate the Badnik's secret lair. When Tails later returned, with the Badniks hot on his trail, the chimps resorted to their "Plan B." As Mark guided Tails between two pylons they had rigged, he had Sparks activate the pylons, creating an electrical force field that destroyed the Badniks as they passed through. This created a power failure which Max Gamble accused Mark and Sparks off (since it cost his casino money), but the other residents of the Zone leaped to their defense and Gamble backed off.[1]

Powers and abilities

Mark is an electrical genius, being behind the maintenance of his Zone's electrical subjects and could create a powerful electrical force field that destroyed several Badniks in one swoop with Sparks.[1]


  • Mark and Sparks' names are derived from "Marks and Sparks", a popular nickname for the British supermarket Marks & Spencer. At one point in the story, Tails even refers to them as "Marks and Sparks".


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