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Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (マリオ&ソニック AT 東京オリンピック Mario & Sonikku AT Tokyo Orinpikku?, lit. "Mario & Sonic at the Tokyo Olympics"), tentatively known as Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020,[2] is the sixth installment in the Mario & Sonic series. It is a crossover sports and party game based on the real-world Summer Olympics in 2020, which will take place in Tokyo, Japan. It is set to be released during the Winter of 2019 on the Nintendo Switch. An arcade version is also set to be released in 2020.[3][1]

Unlike in previous installments in the Mario & Sonic series, all characters wear sports clothing appropriate for the event that has been chosen.


The game was first revealed at SEGA Fes 2019 on 29 March 2019, alongside an arcade version and Sonic at the Olympic Games (2020).[4]


Playable characters

Team Sonic

Team Mario

Non-playable characters



  • This is the first game in the Mario & Sonic series where the male characters have unique outfits.
    • This is also the first game where Peach does not wear her traditional sports outfit, but rather introduces a new one.
    • The shoes Mario wears are identical to the ones he wears in Mario Tennis Aces.
    • Sonic wears shoes similar to the ones he wears in the Sonic Riders series.
    • Dr. Eggman wears gear similar to a piece of artwork shown on Sonic Channel.
    • So far, Bowser has not been shown to have a unique outfit.


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