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Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Edition, also known as Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016,[4] is the arcade version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. As with the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS versions, the game takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

The arcade cabinet comes in both two player and four player variety,[3] though single-player play is also available.

The arcade version of the game was announced by Sega on 16 July 2015.[1]


Playable characters[]

Team Sonic[]

Character Type Recommended events
Sonic Speed 100m
110m Hurdles
Tails Technique Trampoline
Knuckles Power Hammer Throw
Javelin Throw
Amy Balance 100m Freestyle Swimming
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Dr. Eggman Technique Archery
Shadow Speed Long Jump
Silver Technique 110m Hurdles
Metal Sonic Speed 100m
Javelin Throw
Blaze Balance 100m Freestyle Swimming
Vector Power Hammer Throw
100m Freestyle Swimming

Team Mario[]

Character Type Recommended events
Mario Balance Long Jump
Luigi Balance Trampoline
110m Hurdles
Peach Technique Archery
Rhythmic Gymnastics
Daisy Speed Rhythmic Gymnastics
100m Freestyle Swimming
Bowser Power Javelin Throw
Hammer Throw
Wario Power Archery
Hammer Throw
Waluigi Technique Rhythmic Gymnastics
Long Jump
Yoshi Speed 110m Hurdles
Donkey Kong Power Hammer Throw
Long Jump
Bowser Jr. Balance Long Jump
Javelin Throw


Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Edition features nine unique events:

  • 100m
  • 110m Hurdles
  • Long Jump
  • Hammer Throw
  • Javelin Throw (Balance types can do better at a running start). In easy mode, the angle slowly increases while in hard mode, the angle increases fast.
  • 100m Freestyle
  • Archery (Speed types have faster aiming time, Power types shoot straight, Balance types' cursors move faster): In easy mode, there is no wind while in hard mode, the wind changes
  • Trampoline (Eggman is easy to get a higher jump with, Metal Sonic jumps higher with precise jumps)
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics (Amy has easier timing, Blaze and Sonic get more points from spin moves) In easy mode, easier moves are performed. In hard mode, more complicated move patterns are performed.


Sonic characters[]

Role English voice actor Japanese voice actor
Sonic the Hedgehog Roger Craig Smith Jun'ichi Kanemaru
Miles "Tails" Prower Colleen O'Shaughnessey Ryō Hirohashi
Knuckles the Echidna Travis Willingham Nobutoshi Canna
Amy Rose Cindy Robinson Taeko Kawata
Dr. Eggman Mike Pollock
Shadow the Hedgehog Kirk Thornton Kōji Yusa
Silver the Hedgehog Quinton Flynn Daisuke Ono
Blaze the Cat Laura Bailey Nao Takamori
Vector the Crocodile Keith Silverstein Kenta Miyake
Rouge the Bat
E-123 Omega

Mario characters[]

Role Voice actor
Mario Charles Martinet
Princess Peach Samantha Kelly
Princess Daisy Deanna Mustard
Bowser Kenny James
Yoshi Kazumi Totaka
Donkey Kong Takashi Nagasako
Bowser Jr. Caety Sagoian


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