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Quotation1.svg Now come on, me swabbies! Your captain is setting sail for adventure! Quotation2.svg
— Marine the Raccoon, Sonic the Hedgehog #180

Marine the Raccoon is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. She is a hyperactive mobian raccoon and sailor. She is a resident of Seagull Island in the Sol Zone, a lover of excitement and constantly seeking adventures. At some point in time, Marine managed to obtain Mobius Prime's green Chaos Emerald, though it was stolen not long after by the robot Johnny. Marine then worked along side Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower and Blaze the Cat to retrieve it. Months later, Marine and Blaze rescued Shadow the Hedgehog and worked with him to destroy Metal Sonic.


Marine is a small light orange raccoon with blue eyes. She has dark brown ears and rings around her tail; she also has dark brown and cream markings around her eyes. She has two upturned "pigtails" tipped in dark brown with yellow ties. Her muzzle is white but often miscolored pale yellow. She wears a green tube top with a white trim and short black leggings, green and orange shoes, and tan gloves.


Sonic Rush Adventure

Marine first came across Sonic and Tails after they crashed their plane in a storm. After doing a quick check-up, she determined them to have "a clean bill of health" and quickly recruited the two on her crew with her acing as captain. Sonic ignored her, but Tails remained interested and asked about what kind of adventure she was talking about. She told him about pirates that had landed a few days ago, and the treasure that they're after. Sonic was now interested as well, but Tails was curious about what they were after. Marine then produced the green Chaos Emerald which she had found, saying it was the treasure. When asked if she knew what exactly it was she was holding, it was stolen right out of her hand by Johnny. Marine and her crew then went in pursuit of him to retrieve the emerald.[1]

Meeting up with Blaze the Cat, the four went in pursuit of Johnny. Eventually, the group discovered Captain Whisker and Johnny, battling them as well as Dr. Nega, who organized the theft of the Chaos Emerald. The battle resulted in the Chaos Emerald being retrieved. Tails then constructed a ship to get himself and Sonic back to Mobius Prime, while Sonic gave Blaze the green Chaos Emerald so she could locate the missing Sol Emerald.[2]

Living Weapons

Marine and Blaze fighting Metal Sonic together, from Sonic Universe #1.

Some time later, Marine and Blaze were on board her ship, the Ocean Tornado, when they discovered Shadow the Hedgehog floundering in the ocean. Bringing him on board, Marine offered him a towel to dry off while Shadow explained how he and Metal Sonic ended up in their universe. Blaze and Marine then explained how they knew about Sonic, telling Shadow their encounters with him. Marine largely embellished the truth when explaining how they defeated Captain Whiskers, claiming she "went all crazy on 'em and saved the day", and also claimed to have build the ship which returned Sonic and Tails to Mobius Prime. In reality, Marine simply "supervised" while Tails built the ship (much to Shadow's dismay and anger). The trio soon found out that Metal Sonic was attacking Southern Island, looking for Eggman. When Blaze's attack failed to stop the robot, Marine jumped on Metal Sonic's back and began hitting his head, with no effect against the machine. Shadow was unable to attack it while Marine was on its back, but eventually she was thrown off. After Shadow failed to convince Metal Sonic to disobey Dr. Eggman, he and Blaze damaged the robot and sent it flying into the air, at which point Marine used the cannons on the Ocean Tornado to destroy Metal Sonic.[2]

Treasure Team Tango and Worlds Collide

Marine watches the oncoming storm, from Sonic Universe #22.

While Blaze was on Mobius Prime searching for one of the missing Sol Emeralds, her world appeared to be suffering ill effects; without all the emeralds, the weather patterns started to become unstable. As a massive storm approached, Marine and Tabby, local koala pulled a dingy up to a pier on Southern Island with some difficulty due to the bucking waves. While Tabby complained about the "worrisome" state of the world lately, Marine secured the boat to the dock and insisted that things would turn out fine, saying with confidence that her "best mate" Blaze would recover the emeralds and set everything right.[3]

Some time after Blaze returned, Marine went out to sea without her, unaware that her friend would soon be preyed upon by Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily, who whisked her away to the Skull Egg Zone. Not long after, Marine, along with the entire multiverse, were affected by the disrupted Super Genesis Wave when Super Sonic tried to undo it.[4][5]

Note: From this point, Marine's history continues from her new life in the altered timeline.


Brash and overconfident, Marine is rather scatterbrained and so often acts before she thinks. She is relatively bossy and attention-seeking, which sometimes leads to her being somewhat pushy, though she generally means well. She also has a habit of exaggerating and embellishing, often to make herself seem more important or talented; due to this, she tends to strike others as annoying.[1][2]

Powers and abilities

Marine has some general captaining skills, able to handle a large boat like the Ocean Tornado; she also has limited knowledge of mechanics. She has no discernible fighting ability, but she was able to hold on to Metal Sonic's head for quite some time before being thrown off, which is slightly impressive. By her own accounts, Marine also have some form of energy-projecting ability.[1][2]





  • During Marine's first appearance, her game counterpart's Australian accent is missing because at the time of writing the story she appeared in, neither her accent or name had been finalized by Sega yet.[6]
  • Marine often uses the word "strewth" in her sentences. In the real world in British English, "strewth" means "God's truth". In Australia and New Zealand it can also be used as an expression of surprise, or to add emphasis. Writer Ian Flynn admitted he had assumed the word in Australia had the meaning "truth" similar to in England. This mistake was made again in the letters page of Sonic Universe #4 where the editor said that strewth meant "and that's the truth!"
  • Ian Flynn has said previously that he "hate[s] Marine with a burning passion", but admits that she is fun to write and includes her occasionally for the sake of the story.[7] However, it is worth noting that most of the other characters she interacts with tend to find her annoying as well, which might reflect Ian's opinion of her.

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