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Marine Lachenaud is a French writer who works on the Sonic Boom television series. She forms a writing team with Cedric Lachenaud.



Title Debut Position
Tombés du nid N/A Co-writer


Series Debut Position
A table les enfants ! 2012 Writer
Anatole Latuile 2016 Writer
Boubouh! 2016 Developer, writer
Effie Bear et Son Mystere 2016 Development
Ernest and Celestine 2015 Writer
Family Jolipre 2013 Writer
Foot De Rue Extreme 2013 Writer
Furry Wheels N/A Writer
Les Mille et Une Vies de Victor 2012 Development, writer
Marcus Level 2013 Writer
Oui-Oui 2016 Writer
Pat the dog (Space Dog) 2016 Writer
Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood 2016 Writer
Sonic Boom 2014 Writer
The Jungle Bunch 2013 Writer
Tombé du nid, The Series 2016 Development




  1. Bill Freiberger on Twitter. Twitter (2 January 2017). Retrieved on 2 January 2017. “Bill Freiberger: It appears that the next episode to air on Boomerang is 209, "Multi-Tails," written by Marine & Cedric Lachenaud.”
  2. Bill Freiberger on Twitter. Twitter (10 August 2017). Retrieved on 11 August 2017. “Bill Freiberger: Don't have a preview yet for episode 243 "Where Have All The Sonic's Gone" but I can tell you it was Written By: Marine & Cedric Lachenaud.”

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