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Maria Robotnik is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog and its spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics. She was the granddaughter of Professor Gerald Robotnik and cousin to Dr. Eggman. Living on the Space Colony ARK, Maria had a rare but terminal disease known as N.I.D.S. In order to save her life, Professor Gerald agreed to the current President's proposal to create immortality. He managed to make a potential cure with the help of Black Doom, but Maria was shot by a soldier when trying to escape the ARK when the project was terminated.


Life and death

Maria spent most of her life on board the Space Colony ARK space station with her grandfather Gerald Robotnik, who was working to find a cure for her illness. During her time on the ARK she developed a close friendship with her grandfathers creation Shadow the Hedgehog. Maria's life was cut tragically short when G.U.N. raided the ARK, in which she was shot while helping Shadow escape. With her dying breath, she begged Shadow protect the people of the world, seconds before Shadow was shot from the ARK down to the planet below.[1][2]


Once Shadow was reawaken nearly fifty years later, his further actions would be motivated by Maria's death, beginning by swearing revenge on the people of the world, to which he joined forces with his creators grandson Doctor Eggman to accomplish. It wasn't until the eleventh hour that Shadow was reminded of Maria's dying wish, and he immediately aided Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends in stopping the very plan he'd set into motion, seemingly sacrificing his life in the process. Shadow survived his ordeal only to lose his memories as a result with the exception of a disturbing mental image of Maria being shot. When the Black Arms invaded the world, this set Shadow on a quest to rediscover his purpose, learning vital pieces of info from the Black Arms' leader Black Doom, who would use Maria's demise at the hands of the human species to sway Shadow to their side. Fortunately, Shadow finally learned of his true purpose from a final video message from Gerald: to protect the world from the Black Arms and all other threats, just as her granddaughter also desired. This gave Shadow the final motivation he needed, allowing him to obliterate Black Doom and his minions.[1][2][3]

Currently, Shadow continues to do his part in protecting the world, joining the ranks of G.U.N. and his own elite group Team Dark to do so, fighting evil in Maria's memory.[4]


Maria was a kind, gentle soul, a caring and thoughtful person, always giving support to her friends when they needed it. Though young, she had a strong sense of righteousness, a trait which she passed on to Shadow, who was her best friend before her death.


Shadow the Hedgehog

Maria and Shadow the Hedgehog cared deeply for each other. Maria could have been a sister figure or mother figure to Shadow.

Gerald Robotnik

Maria was shown to be fond of her grandfather, who cared greatly for her, and was left enraged by her death.

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