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Maria wolf

Maria is a black wolf and the daughter of Lupe Wolf and Lobo and the sister of Marcos of the Wolf Pack.


With the exception of her mother, her entire family fled their homes in order to escape Dr. Robotnik. Sadly, they were later captured by Doctor Eggman, an alternate version of Robotnik who had reprogrammed Sir Charles Hedgehog to serve as his lieutenant. Put through the Roboticizer, Maria was used to force her mother to submit to the transformation as well. Eventually freed by the power of the Sword of Acorns, they would later meet up with their former captor and forgive him, helping him to forgive himself as well. Following her De-Roboticization, Maria joined the rest of her family in the Wolf Pack, even facing the menace of Eggman's Nanites. She is the youngest member of the pack. (StH: #67, #100, #112, #123 #152, SSS: #11)

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