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Sonic X
Map of Mayhem (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Map of Mayhem".

[Scene: Ocean]

[A GUN ship is travelling through a foggy ocean. Topaz's radio crackles as she speaks.]
Topaz: [On radio] Headquarters, this is the Seahawk. We're running through heavy fog. Visibility is near zero. Come in, Headquarters. Do you read me?
Officer: [Over radio] You're breaking up, Seahawk. Please repeat!
Crew 1: I don't know where all this interference is coming from, sir, unless there's somebody out there jamming our signals.
Crew 2: What's that?
GUN Commander: You spot something?
Topaz: We're picking up a large object heading straight for us, sir!
GUN Commander: What is it, a ship?
[The ship's captain is looking out the front of the ship through binoculars.]
Captain: I don't think so.
[The ship is approaching a lit area in the water from which steam rises.]
GUN Commander: Sound the alarm.
[As the alarm sounds, several crew gather around the commander.]
Topaz: [On radio] Headquarters, this is the Seahawk calling! Over!
Officer: [Over radio] Go ahead, Seahawk.
[The vents in the water begin expanding. A sunken ship is briefly shown.]
Topaz: [On radio] We've encountered an unknown vessel and we're under attack!
[A bright light fills the cabin.]
Officer: [Over radio] Seahawk, what's going on? Over.

[Scene Change: The Intelligence Agency]

Topaz: [Over radio] Turn us around, before *krrt* too late! Hurry!
Officer: [On radio] Seahawk, what in blazes is happening out there?
Topaz: [Over radio] ...Mayday! May--
[A red indicator light begins flashing.]
Officer: [On radio] Seahawk, do you read me?... Seahawk, come in!... Seahawk!... Seahawk!... Seahawk!!

[Scene Change: Ocean]

[As the lights in the water move away, the only sign that the Seahawk was ever there is a life preserver with "Seahawk" printed on it floating in the water.]

[The opening theme plays]

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion]

[Tanaka practices using a samurai sword outside, while the TV plays the news inside.]
Scarlet: Naval authorities report that the research vessel Seahawk is missing at sea. Rescue teams are combing the area for its last known position. So far, there are no signs of the vessel. These pictures were taken two days ago when it left on its mission. Details of that mission are being kept secret, but sources tell SSTV that everything seemed to be going well until early this morning when the crew radioed to report heavy fog.
[Chris, Chuck, and Sonic are watching the news, while Tails is playing a game of Jenga with Cream and Cheese.]
Sonic: See? That's why I can't stand water.
Cream: You like it if it's in a glass. That's a start.
[Sonic displays many sweatdrops, causing Tails to crack a smile.]
Chris: Maybe the ship hit something after it went into the fog.
Chuck: A ship like that has instruments that let it navigate through fog safely. There may be something else going on here.
Chris: What do you mean, Grandpa?
Chuck: What if the Seahawk’s disappearance wasn't an accident? Other vessels have encountered strange phenomena in that area. Perhaps we should take a yacht and have a look...
Cream: Does that mean you're going out on the ocean?
Chuck: Yes, that's possible.
[Cream’s eyes shimmer with unshed tears.]
Chris: You're thinking that Emerl's down there somewhere.
Sonic: Hey, Cream! I'm gonna go outside and pick a whole bunch of flowers. Wanna join me?
Cream: Sure! We can give them to my mom and Ella.
Cheese: Chao chao!

[Scene Change: The White House]

[The President, Christina, the Director of Central Intelligence, and Rouge are listening to a tape recording from the incident.]
Topaz: [Over radio] ...Mayday! May--
President: Our rescue teams searched the entire area, but haven't found a single sign of the Seahawk or or its crew. How could a ship of that size disappear without leaving a trace?
Rouge: Well, what if somebody made the ship disappear? If a ship was planning to steal a ship, he'd make sure not to leave any evidence behind that can clue in the cops. Maybe we have a robbery on our hands.
Director of Central Intelligence: I hope you're wrong, Rouge. That ship is packed with top-secret communications equipment that can easily tap into data from all our military satellites.
President: What's your point?
Director of Central Intelligence: Mr. President, if some maniac were to capture that ship, he'd have access to all the data in our defense network, and he could easily bring the entire country to it's knees!
Rouge: Hm. I think I smell a rotten egg.
President: Eggman. ... I hate to say it, but you may be right, Rouge. This is just the insane plot he'd come up with.

[Scene Change: Eggman's ship]

[Eggman is busily typing on a keypad. Decoe and Bocoe are sitting behind him.]
Dr. Eggman: Computers make evil so easy!
[He laughs.]
Decoe: You have been hunched over that keyboard for hours, Doctor. It is bad for your posture.
Bocoe: At least try to sit up straight when you type. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself.
Dr. Eggman: I already have a big pain in the neck: you!
[Eggman pulls up a webpage depicting Knuckles.]
Dr. Eggman: "Knuckles discovers world's oldest map. Renowned archaeologist Dr. Cadberry studying the ancient document at Pukapito Palace." Mm... Let's drop by.

[Scene Change: Pukapito Palace]

[Dr. Cadberry enters a room and turns on the light. He crosses to the other side of the room, and, putting his hand to the side of another door, watches it slide open. Inside is a secret filing cabinet. He opens one of the drawers and pulls out an old map.]
Dr. Cadberry: This map proves my theory. I can announce that the world's oldest mystery has finally been solved.
[Just then a pair of sarcophagi behind him open. Inside them are Decoe and Bocoe, who are both wrapped like mummies.]
Decoe: Are you ready?
Bocoe: For the first time, I feel totally wrapped up in my work.
[The two robots lumber out of the sarcophagi towards Dr. Cadberry, who finally notices them.]
Dr. Cadberry: Huh? What the...?
Bocoe: Silence...
Decoe: Grave robber, give us our map!
[Dr. Cadberry cowers back in fear.]

[Scene Change: Pukapito Palace - Outside]

[Decoe and Bocoe run outside with the map they had just stolen from Dr. Cadberry.]
Bocoe: Mission accomplished!
Decoe: We get the mummyload this time! Now we must book back to the base!
[They take off, ditching their wraps.]

[Scene Change: Pukapito Palace - Inside]

[Dr. Cadberry presses a button for the alarm before he passes out.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Ship]

Dr. Eggman: Good work. You deserve raises... if I start paying you.
[Eggman turns back around in his chair and laughs while looking at it. He then folds it up and puts it in a slot.]
Dr. Eggman: Now let's check this out.
[The computer screen projects an image of the map. Code flashes by as the continents begin moving into their present places. More code quickly scrolls by.]
Decoe: Oh?
Bocoe: Where is that?
Dr. Eggman: It's this world as it looked ages ago, and the computer can take us further into the past.
Decoe: Wow, that is cool!
Bocoe: Can you visit chat rooms?
Dr. Eggman: Can it, you clods. Now where could it be?
[At last, one particular spot near the top left of the map is pinpointed.]
Dr. Eggman: Now I have exactly the information I've been looking for! The geographic location of Murasia!
[Eggman turns back to the map and raises his fist.]
Bocoe: What is Murasia?
Decoe: I don't know, but it sounds contagious.
Dr. Eggman: My dream of building an Eggman Empire is alive and well. Thanks to the map, the people of this planet will finally be forced to acknowledge that I rule. [He cackles.]

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion]

[A car pulls up at the front of the mansion. Ella answers the door to see that her visitors are Knuckles and Dr. Cadberry.]
Ella: Ah, hello, Knuckles.
Knuckles: Very nice to see you, Ella.
Ella: [To Dr. Cadberry] Uh... have we met before?
Dr. Cadberry: No, Madam, but I'm delighted to make your acquaintance now.
Tanaka: Dr. Cadberry!
[Knuckles and Dr. Cadberry turn around to see Tanaka holding a rake.]
Dr. Cadberry: Tanaka! You were in my archaeology class years ago!
Tanaka: Your perfect memory has not failed you! That class changed my entire life, Doctor!
[He covers his face to hide his tears of joy.]
Dr. Cadberry: You mean that's what inspired you to become a butler?
Tanaka: Yes. You taught that household servants played a vital role throughout history.
[He swings his rake around a little bit.]
Dr. Cadberry: You always were unique.

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Chuck's lab]

[Chuck, Tanaka, Chris, Sonic, Knuckles, and Dr. Cadberry are now sitting in the lab. Chuck is typing on a computer.]
Dr. Cadberry: I was at the palace doing some research when those two thugs attacked me and ran away with the map.
Knuckles: It's not a total loss, though. At least we have a digital copy.
[Chuck pulls up an image of the map.]
Chuck: Interesting. Why were you studying it?
Dr. Cadberry: Are you familiar with the legend of Murasia?
Sonic: Is it a place?
Dr. Cadberry: [Nods] Murasia is a continent that sank into the sea. It was the home of a spectacular civilization that flourished and died long ago. According to the legend, the Murasians possessed a highly-advanced culture that accomplished spectacular feats of engineering.
[A shot of Murasian imagery is shown.]
Dr. Cadberry: However, in spite of all its amazing achievements, the magnificent Murasian civilization was wiped out in an instant.
Knuckles: If the legends are even partly true, then the ruins of that civilization could hold priceless secrets.
Chuck: First the Seahawk is lost, and then this map is stolen. I have a feeling there's some kind of connection, but I'm not sure what it could be.
Dr. Cadberry: The Seahawk was searching for Murasia. It was using this map as a guide. You see, the map reveals the continents of our world as they were in the distant past. Here, I'll show you. Now, when we adjust the data...
[Dr. Cadberry types on the computer, and the singular continent appears. Its land masses move until they align with the present-day continents.]
Dr. Cadberry: reveals how our world appeared prior to the volcanic eruption that destroyed Murasia.
[A tiny land mass begins flashing.]
Dr. Cadberry: You see there? One piece is missing, just like in a jigsaw puzzle. It's the final clue we need to find the lost continent.
Tanaka: I see it now. That is where Murasia was located.
Dr. Cadberry: Exactly.
[The location of Murasia moves to near the center of the map.]
Dr. Cadberry: Further analysis reveals that a piece of the continent survived the disaster, a tiny island that exists to this day. And that's exactly where the Seahawk disappeared.

[Scene Change: The dock]

[A ship prepares to leave the dock. The X-Tornado is loaded on the ship. A marching band plays. Cream, Cheese, and Vanilla stand on the dock, holding one end of a group of streamers with the leaving party is holding the other end of.]
Cream: Bye-bye now!
Cheese: Chao-chaaao!
Vanilla: Have a safe voyage!
[Chuck, Sonic, Dr. Cadberry, Tanaka, Tails, Chris, Knuckles, Amy, and Ella are prepared to set sail.]
Tails: Later!
Chris: Bye, guys!
Amy: We'll take lots of pictures for ya!
Ella: Bye, sweetie!
Cream: Bye, and be careful!

[Scene Change: The ship]

[The ship sails for days. One sunset, Chuck points to a spot on the map which the others (except Tails and Amy) are gathered round.]
Chuck: Getting there won't be easy.
Dr. Cadberry: That island is really just the top of a huge volcano. There's a whole chain of volcanoes underwater here, making this one of the most unstable regions in the whole world.
Sonic: This whole story seems wacky to me.
Knuckles: The doctor knows what he's talkin' about. [Teasing] You're just getting nervous because you're surrounded by H2O.
Sonic: Water doesn't scare me anymore!... I just don't like gettin' wet.
[The next day, the ship nears an island with a volcano. Chris is standing at the bow of the ship with the Mobians.]
Amy: Well, there it is, guys.
Sonic: Let's go ashore now so we can get off this tub.
Knuckles: You're not in charge here, Sonic.
[Inside, an object appears on the radar. The others join Chris and the rest of the group the at the bow of the ship.]
Dr. Cadberry: Look there!
[The water in front of them bubbles. The group looks on in amazement and horror as the water explodes into the air, soaking everyone. The impact is enough to rock the boat in such a way that the X-Tornado, in its X-Cyclone form, to topple over.]
Tails: Aah! The X-Tornado!
[A giant craft begins rising from the water and dwarfs the boat. An Eggman logo can be seen at the bow of the ship.]
Amy: That ship belongs to Eggman!
[Bokkun flies down with his TV to the bow of Dr. Cadberry's ship.]
Bokkun: Cap'n Eggman has an important maritime message for ya!
[The TV activates to show a close-up of Eggman. Steam flares from his nostrils.]
Dr. Eggman: Surrender to me now. My new Egg Battleship has enough firepower to take on the Navy, the Air Force, and Sonic too!
Sonic: You stole that map from Dr. Cadberry!
[Eggman leans closer to the screen.]
Dr. Eggman: You think so? Now why would I do a thing like that?
Amy: Just because you're so despicable.
Dr. Eggman: That map led me here to the world's hot spot.
Chuck: I don't follow you.
Dr. Cadberry: I do. A hot spot is supposedly the weakest part of a planet's crust. If a volcano inside the hot spot erupts, all the other volcanoes in the world erupt too, but no respectable geologist believe such a bizarre theory.
Dr. Eggman: [Flattering] Well, excuse me, Mr. I-Know-Everything. But whether you realize it or not, you're floating above a hot spot right now!
Dr. Cadberry: Now I see what you're getting at. The legends are vague, but it's possible that the Murasians somehow caused the deadly volcanic eruptions.
Chuck: Didn't any Murasians survive?
Dr. Cadberry: It's likely the Murasians were all wiped out. There's no trace of them in the archaeological record after the volcano erupted.
Dr. Eggman: I don't have time to listen to you academic airheads discuss a bunch of scholarly mumbo-jumbo, thank you! The Murasians cracked open that hotspot once and sank a continent! Now I'm going to blast it open and cause a worldwide catastrophe! And on the ruins that remain, I'll build the Eggman Empire!
[The TV turns off.]
Sonic: Oh yeah!
[He leaps toward the Egg Battleship before executing a homing attack towards it.]
Dr. Eggman: Please.
[However, Eggman activates a deflective sail. Sonic bounces off of it and lands in the ocean.]
Chris: Sonic!
[He runs to the edge of the ship and prepares to jump in.]
Tanaka: Mister Chris!
[But it is too late. Chris has already leaped into the water to save Sonic. He paddles over and soon reaches the weary hedgehog.]
Tanaka: Don't worry! I'll save you!
[Tanaka throws a life preserver to Chris; however, it strikes Chris in the head, knocking him out.]
Sonic: [Angrily] Thanks, Tanaka!
[Missiles begin to rain down around them.]
Dr. Eggman: Fire! Fire!
[The explosions and gushing water rock the boat and cause Sonic to lose his grip on the life preserver. Chris regains consciousness and grabs onto both Sonic and the life preserver.]
Chris: It's okay, Sonic! I've got ya!
[But an explosion rocks them further from the boat. Meanwhile, Amy is kneeling on top of the X-Tornado as Tails and Chuck make repairs.]
Amy: They're in danger! Can't you fix this thing faster?
Tails: I'm trying, Amy! We need a little more time!
[Another explosion rocks the boat. Sonic is clinging to Chris.]
Chris: It's hard to swim! The waves are really rough!
Sonic: We have to try!
[Eggman is having too much fun missing his missiles.]
Navigator: [Over radio] Sir, we've spotted something on the sonar.
Chuck: [On radio] Can't this wait?! I'm a little busy right now!
Navigator: [Over radio] But sir, there's another ship coming this way! It's surfacing now!
[Ella, Tanaka, and Dr. Cadberry gather to see what the object could be.]
Dr. Cadberry: Who could that be?
[The dot on the radar moves closer and closer. Suddenly, a massive object rises out of the water. It resembles Eggman's old Egg Fort, but silver in color. Known as the GUN Fort V3, it launches a pair of missiles that damage the Egg Battleship.]

[Scene Change: The GUN Fort V3]

[Rouge is one of the crew inside the Gun Fort. The other crew wear yellow suits with logos that resemble the Star Trek logo.]
GUN Gunner: We caught him by surprise. Dr. Eggman has his defenses down. Now we can blast 'em out of the water.
[Tails and Chuck look on in awe.]
Tails: Alright!
Chuck: It's a government ship!

[Scene Change: Egg Battleship]

Dr. Eggman: Those blasted copycats salvaged my own ship from the ocean floor and now they use it to attack me!
Bocoe: They certainly are clever.
Decoe: It just goes to the show the importance of recycling.

[Scene Change: The GUN Fort V3]

GUN Pilot: Surrender now, Eggman, or we'll destroy your ship! Prepare to fire on my order!
GUN Gunners: Aye-aye!
Rouge: I want in on the action too.
GUN Pilot: You're only aboard this ship as an observer, Rouge. Lock on target!
[The GUN Fort V3's cannons lock on to the Egg Battleship.]

[Scene Change: Egg Battleship]

Dr. Eggman: If you want to play chicken, I'll be happy to clip your wings!
[The Egg Battleship's sails extend, and it takes off into the air. It turns to face the GUN Fort V3, and several oars extend from it. Amy, Tails, and Chuck watch in awe. Chris, who is about to climb the ladder with Sonic, also stares.]
Dr. Eggman: This will crash their party.
[It is revealed that the oars are really callons that begin to fire upon the GUN Fort V3. The GUN Captain sees the missiles coming and reacts quickly.]
GUN Pilot: Let's get 'em, guys! Fire!
[The GUN Fort V3 uses its weaponry to counter Eggman's missiles as well as damage the Egg Battleship. Chris and Sonic are now safe aboard the boat. Chris is wrapped in a towel, and Tanaka cries tears of gratitude.]
Tanaka: I am so happy to see you!
Sonic: Don't cry. We've got enough water.
[They watch as GUN's resurrected Egg Fort whales on the Egg Battleship. Decoe and Bocoe freak out under the pressure.]
Bocoe and Decoe: Do something!
Dr. Eggman: Well, what do you suggest, micromind?
[Decoe stops squirming.]
Decoe: You have to put up a fight, Doctor!
[Eggman punches Decoe out of his seat.]
Dr. Eggman: How's that for starters, big mouth!
[The GUN Fort V3 buzzes the Egg Battleship, slicing the starboard oar cannons off of Eggman's ship.]
GUN Gunner: Dr. Eggman should've surrendered when he had the chance.
[Tails and Chris are inside the newly-repaired X-Cyclone, ready to take off. Sonic and Knuckles stand on the nose of the craft, and Amy and Chuck are on the sidelines.]
Tails: Everything's set for takeoff!
[The X-Cyclone lifts into the air.]
Tails: Transform, X-Tornado!
[The X-Cyclone quickly changes into the X-Tornado and flies towards the Egg Battleship.]
Decoe: We're trapped!
Dr. Eggman: There's still one way out.
[The Eggman emblem's eyes glow blue, and a live feed is projected. The image shows the captive crew of the Seahawk. Topaz and the GUN Commander exchange a few words.]
Rouge: It's Topaz! She's still alive!
[Eggman laughs before speaking through a voice amplifier.]
Dr. Eggman: Stay away! If you destroy my ship, your comrades will go down with me! Gahahah!
Knuckles: Eggman, let them go!
Dr. Eggman: Fat chance. I'm holding them hostage, just to make sure I get what I came for.
[The Egg Battleship is struck from behind by a missile fired by the GUN Fort V3. Rouge is trying to wrest the controls away from the GUN Pilot.]
Rouge: Wait!
GUN Pilot: Back away. Hostages are not my jobs to stop Eggman. If you try to stop us, we'll treat you like an enemy.
[One of the GUN Gunners points his gun at Rouge, causing her to let go.]
GUN Pilot: Either way, we're doin' our job.
[The GUN Fort V3 unloads its barrels of missile upon the Egg Battleship, further damaging it and snapping its oars.]
Dr. Eggman: They're still attacking me! What should I do now?
Bocoe: We could start filling out claim forms for your insurance company.

[Scene Change: The X-Tornado]

Chris: Those hostages need our help.
Tails: No sweat, Chris! Ready for action, Sonic?
Sonic: Watch me!
[The X-Tornado speeds towards the GUN Fort V3, guns ablazing.]

[Scene Change: The GUN Fort V3]

GUN Pilot: Hey, whose side are they on?
[With the distraction, Rouge kicks the GUN Gunner aside, catches his gun, and snaps it in half.]
Rouge: All I need is ten minutes tops.
GUN Gunner: Okay. Bt when your time runs out, I start shooting.
[Rouge hurries away.]

[Scene Change: The Egg Battleship]

Decoe: It appears they are holding their fire.
Dr. Eggman: Now's our chance. Head for the island, quickly!
[As the Egg Battleship turns towards the island, Rouge flies out of the GUN Fort V3 towards Eggman's ship. Sonic and Knuckles see this.]
Knuckles: Not her again!
Sonic: He's headin' for Eggman's ship. We have to distract him somehow!
Knuckles: Go for it, Tails!
[The X-Tornado bombards the Egg Battleship with a pair of missiles to distract him while Rouge flies in through one of the Eggman emblem's eyes. Rouge lands inside the ship and looks round before moving on. The X-Tornado riddles the Egg Battleship with lasers. Eggman's console begins sparking as a result of the damage it took. He tries to repair it.]
Dr. Eggman: Why didn't I just become a dentist?
[The X-Tornado blasts the Egg Battleship again. The cockpit is now smoking. Decoe and Bocoe panic.]
Dr. Eggman: It's time to use our heavy artillery.
Decoe and Bocoe: You don't mean...?
Dr. Eggman: I'll finish them with one blast!
[Decoe and Bocoe attempt to pull Eggman away from the controls.]
Decoe: But you have to make the volcanoes erupt! Aren't you forgetting that you want to rule the world?
[Eggman throws Decoe and Bocoe off of him.]
Dr. Eggman: I've just changed my mind! I want revenge!
[A screen lowers, and Eggman begins tapping buttons on the screen and console. Eggman's henchbots deadpan.]
Bocoe: He is dependable.
Decoe: Yes; no matter what, Dr. Eggman never fails to let you down.
[A large cannon extends out of the top of the Egg Battleship. It twinkles in the sunlight before it begins to charge with energy.]
Sonic: What's that?
[Everyone is bathed in a red glow by the cannon.]
Dr. Eggman: Fire energy ray!
[The cannon begins crackling with energy.]
Dr. Cadberry: There's nothing we can do.
[Sonic and Knuckles leap into the air towards the crackling energy. However, they are electrocuted by the energy, and fall towards the GUN Fort V3. The energy ball grows brighter.]
Decoe: Surrender now, or we will fire the energy ray in ten seconds!
[Sonic and Knuckles are still falling.]
Knuckles: We don't have any time!
Sonic: We can't give up! Maybe if we attack it together!
Knuckles: It's worth a try!
[The two heroes land on the GUN Fort V3, then immediately leap into the air. They hold hands before spinning rapidly together. They form a deadly ball that hurtles towards the charging and growing energy ball. They collide with the cannon, destroying it completely. Eggman screams as his console short-circuits out. Knuckles glides to safety, and Sonic lands on his back. The X-Tornado picks them up. They fist-bump, wink, and give thumbs-ups to celebrate.]
Sonic & Knuckles: Alright!
[Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe run around in panic as the Egg Battleship plummets towards the sea.]
Decoe: We are doomed!
Dr. Eggman: Oh dear oh dear oh dear! Oh...
[Eggman pauses in realization.]
Dr. Eggman: We still have our hostages!
Topaz: [Off-screen] Not anymore.
[Rouge leads the freed prisoners into the cockpit. The prisoners point their weapons at Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe, causing them to sweatdrop.]
Rouge: Face it, Doc. There's no way out this time.
[The mad doctor uses a diversionary tactic.]
Dr. Eggman: Hey, where'd my Chaos Emerald go?
[Rouge looks around.]
Rouge: Huh?
[The diversion has worked. Eggman and his hench-bots are gone.]

[Scene Change: Outside]

[The heavily-damaged Egg Battleship lands on the water. Fortunately, Eggman and his hench-bots have escaped in the Eggmobile.]
Dr. Eggman: Stop pushing! Back off! I can't steer!
[Eggman flies the Eggmobile toward the island. Faded images of Topaz and Rouge float across the screen.]
Topaz: Oh, Rouge...
Rouge: Sorry...

[Scene Change: The ship]

Dr. Cadberry: Maybe this trip was a big mistake. Maybe we never should've come.
[Ella, Tanaka, and Amy leave the deck, leaving just Chuck and Dr. Cadberry.]
Chuck: If Eggman finds the ruins of Murasia, it could be dangerous.
Dr. Cadberry: Yes... I'm beginning to think that Dr. Eggman was right, and that this place really is a hot spot.
[The X-Tornado flies towards the island. The episode ends and the credits roll.]