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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Underground continuity.
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Mantu is a character, of an unknown species, who appears in Sonic Underground. He is the son of the Chief of the Speedster Island tribe and loves his life on the island.


When Dr. Robotnik sent Sleet, Dingo, and Bartleby to force the chief to sell his island, the chief stated he had no other choice. This prompted Mantu to visit some statues and ask the "Guardians" to come and help him. Later, when he met the Sonic Underground, he was afraid, but soon realized that they wouldn't harm him. He told them that Sleet and Dingo had betrayed them and were planning to roboticize everyone on the island. He led them to the statues, where they played three musical notes. The statues came to life and assisted them in defeating Doctor Robotnik's army. Sonic then told Mantu "When you need the "guardians" to help you, just play the three notes."[1]


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