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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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For the character on Mobius Prime, see Mammoth Mogul.

Mammoth Mogul is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. He is a future version of Mammoth Mogul from the year of 3437 P.X.E., and the mentor of Silver the Hedgehog.


Mogul is a mammoth with brown fur and blue eyes. For reasons unknown, Mogul has aged slightly in the intervening centuries and is now living in such feeble conditions like wearing ragged clothing.


Early Life and Regret

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Mammoth Mogul's early history was largely the same as his past counterpart's. At the time Dr. Eggman continued his conquest and Ixis Naugus lead the Ixis Resurgence as the king of the Republic of Acorn, Mogul was content with waiting out this generation in opulence. When one of the original members of the Knothole Freedom Fighters betrayed and killed the team, setting off events that laid waste to all of Mobius, Mogul was seemingly caught in it. Once Mogul had recovered, it was too late for him to prevent the catastrophe. Over time, Mogul came to deeply regret his selfishness.[1]

Mentoring Silver

200 years after the Knothole Freedom Fighters' fall, Mogul, now ancient and ailing, found a young Silver, who had extraordinary power. He raised and taught Silver how to control his powers to make him a Knight of Kronos, and eventually set him on a quest to find the "traitor" amongst the Knothole Freedom Fighters as a part of his plan to eliminate the traitor before his actions could doom the world, thereby ensuring that their cataclysmic world would never come to exist.[2][3]

After Mogul had given Silver this mission, Silver traveled back to the past on several occasions to find and eliminate the traitor, first going after Sonic the Hedgehog on Moebius, then traveling to Light Mobius to save King Sonic, and then traveling to the Northern Tundra to kill Rotor Walrus. Each time, however, Silver's leads on the traitor turned out to be false.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10] When Silver return from the past after his dead lead on Rotor, Mogul contacted Silver telepathically and asked him to come to him since Silver had traveled to the past without his permission. After Mogul had told Silver to be more careful with time travel so that he did not make mistakes like himself, Silver arrived and Mogul asked him to prepare dinner where they would reflect on his latest adventure.[11]

Later on, Mogul gave Silver a training session on how to used their Time Stone, when they both sensed through it that they had visitor arriving in their time from both another time and zone, though Mogul could not recall other people with this ability who are still alive. Before Silver could leave to confront the visitor, and if necessary fight him, Mogul warned him not to be quick to find conflict and to remember his words on potential and constraint.[2]

Sometime later, Mogul found Silver arriving with a new lead on the Knothole Freedom Fighter traitor, which he had found in the remains of Antoine's Journal. After Mogul had told Silver what he could remember of the past, Silver revealed that it fit with his suspicions that Antoine was the traitor, which Mogul thought was possible. As Silver then planned to back to the past again, Mogul told him that the consequences of abusing time travel as he had were too great, and that if he went back to the past again, it would without the Time Stone, meaning that Silver had to remain in the past until he had stopped the traitor. Regardless, Silver still chose to leave, and Mogul gave him instructions on how to return to the future before sending him to the past with Chronos Control.[1]


Unlike his present-day counterpart, who boasts arrogance and megalomania, Mogul appears deeply humbled by his past mistakes, and is respectful, yet strict towards Silver when talking to him. Having seemingly been reformed, Mogul solemnly regrets his past misdeeds, and is ridden with guilt over not helping the world when he had the chance.

As a result of Silver's alterations to history and possibly his own advanced age, Mogul's memories of the past, especially of those in Sonic's time period, seem hazy.

Powers and abilities

While having not demonstrated the same amount of abilities that he had during Sonic's time, Mogul still possess his ability to have telepathic communications with others. He also appears to have mastered the Time Stones, having been able to use them to induce Chronos Control, detect visitors for others times and dimensions, and teach Silver how to use them as well.


Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog, never having known the present day Mogul, holds the future Mogul in the highest regard, sometimes believing he can do nothing wrong.


Unlike, the Final Guardian Edmund considers him to be a "sorry sack of lies" and doesn't like the idea of Silver learning too much from him.


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