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The Main Viewer from Sonic the Comic #58. Art by Richard Elson.

The Main Viewer is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was a pirated copy of the Omni-Viewer, created by the Brotherhood of Metallix.[1]


Like the Omni-Viewer, Main Viewer looks like a floating rectangular screen with a face formed of deviations on the surface, but it is red as opposed to the Omni-Viewer's blue.


The Main Viewer was an integral part of the Brotherhood of Metallix's attempt to take over Mobius. They used it first to kidnap Grimer from Citadel Robotnik,[2] and then to move their entire operation from the Egg Fortress in the Special Zone to the Miracle Planet.[3]

When the Miracle Planet, now firmly under Metallix control, reappeared in the skies of Mobius, the Brotherhood used the Main Viewer to travel back in time to Mobius' past,[4] where they prevented the accident that had transformed Doctor Ovi Kintobor into Doctor Ivo Robotnik. This altered timeline allowed them to take control of Mobius, but the damage was later fixed by Sonic and Chaotix.[5]

The Main Viewer's final fate after the destruction of the Brotherhood of Metallix is unknown.[6]

Powers and abilities

Like Omni, the Main Viewer has the ability to travel instantaneously anywhere in space or time, as well as transporting anything that passes through its viewing surface.


  • The Main Viewer's name was used only once, by the Emperor Metallix in Sonic the Comic #59, "The Brotherhood of Metallix, Part 1". In other cases, it was usually referred to simply as the pirate copy of the Omni-Viewer.


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