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The Magnet is a powerup that appears in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. When obtained, it helps collect Rings.


Magnet when in effect.

The Magnet powerup is presented in a glass capsule with a red cap on the top and bottom. Inside it, it has a classic red and white horseshoe magnet. When in effect, it creates a swirling blue aura around the user.


In gameplay, the Magnet can be found on the racing courses, where the player can obtain it by coliding with its item capsule. When obtained, the Magnet will automatically draw Rings from the surrounding lanes on the racing course towards the playable character, allowing for easier Ring collection. Each Magnet lasts for about seven seconds.

Certain Sprites allow the player to manipulate this powerup; Flux extents the Magnet's duration and Feric makes the Magnet appear more often.


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