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Sonic Free Riders
Magma Rift

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Burning magma surrounds this volcano pass as it winds around giant colossi carved in the image of the ancient gods.

— Course description

Magma Rift is a track in Sonic Free Riders.


This stage is themed largely like a volcano, having lava, caves and large volcanic rocks that follow the perimeter on most of the course. There are many secret passages that a player can take to get ahead of the rest of the racers. The main gimmick of this track is that at one point, steam will obstruct the player's vision, forcing them to rub off the steam.

Missions (World Grand Prix)

Team Heroes - Magma Rift Standard

Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
7 Get at least 12 points before reaching the goal by performing tricks! Knuckles
  • B: 12-16 points
  • A: 17-19 points
  • S: 20 or more points
8 Fly through at least 12 dash rings and reach the goal! Tails
  • B: 12-20 dash rings
  • A: 21-30 dash rings
  • S: 31 dash rings
9 Place 1st after 1 lap! Sonic
  • B: 1:18>
  • A: 1:18-1:12
  • S: <1:12
10 Beat Jet to the goal! Sonic
  • B: 3:48>
  • A: 3:48-3:36
  • S: <3:36

Team Rose - Magma Rift Expert

Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
7 Destroy at least 10 boulders and idols and cross the finish! Vector
  • B: 10-13 obstacles
  • A: 14-17 obstacles
  • S: 18 obstacles
8 Keep your Air within the limit and aim for the goal!


  • B: <0:15
  • A: 0:15-0:20
  • S: 0:20>
9 Keep your speed over 140 and make it to the goal! Amy
  • B: Pass the first checkpoint
  • A: Pass the second checkpoint
  • S: Pass the goal
10 Place 1st after 3 laps! Amy
  • B: 5:10>
  • A: 5:10-5:00
  • S: <5:00



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Theme of Magma Rift 4:34

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