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The Maginaryworld Monsters are a group of monsters that appear in the Battle minigames in Sonic Shuffle. Each board has three unique types of common monsters, and one special boss monster. In addition, special Precioustone monsters appear in each level, holding pieces of the Precioustone.


Shuffle Battle space

Battle Space

Battles with Maginaryworld Monsters occur when the playable character lands on an Battle Space. Reaching the Precioustone will initiate a battle with the Precioustone Monster. These monsters will have a magic card above them depicting a number from one to six. The player can also use a Forcejewel which may effect the course of the battle.

When battling, the player selects one of their magic cards that is of equal or higher value than the monster's card. The card roulette then begins as the selected card spins from one to its number value. The player must press DreamcastA to stop the spinning card. If the card's number is higher than the monster's card, it will receive a successful hit. If the player get the card's number equal to the monster's, it is a "Critical Hit". Victories can result in Forcejewels or, if against a Precioustone Monster, a Precioustone piece.

If the card's number is less than the monster's card, the attack will fail and the monster will counterattack with its own card roulette. If the roulette results in a card of higher value than the player's, it will deal -10 rings of damage and end the battle. If the player looses a battle without any rings, they will miss a go.

List of Monsters

Emerald Coast

  • A two-legged fish wearing ice skates.
  • A yeti-like creature holding a surfboard.
  • A palm tree-like monster wielding a fishing pole.
  • A tall woman-like snow monster who serves as the board boss.

Fire Bird

  • A winged torpedo-like monster.
  • A mechanical bee equipped with a propeller.
  • A monster with large fins that resembles a flying fish.
  • A mechanical phoenix that serves as the board boss.

Nature Zone

  • An ape-like creature wearing spiked bracelets.
  • A large, red, snake monster.
  • A humanoid monster with shrubbery growing off its back and head.
  • A large treelike monster that serves as the board boss.

Riot Train

  • A cowgirl monster wielding two whips.
  • A horse monster riding inside of a covered wagon.
  • A bandit monster dual-wielding pistols.
  • A locomotive-like robotic monster that serves as the board boss.

Fourth Dimension Space

  • A spherical monster protected by a cone-like shell.
  • An orb-like monster with four large panels attached to its sides.
  • A floating monster with two long, spindly arms.
  • A multi-armed monster with a spiked torso that serves as the board boss.

Precioustone Monsters








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