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Magical Cards are cards used in the game Sonic Shuffle. They were given to Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles by Lumina Flowlight and are a major part of gameplay.


The player can hold up to a maximum of seven cards at any time. The player's own hand is displayed on the screen of the VMU. If the player is not using a VMU, their cards will be displayed on the screen. Press X Button Dreamcast to reshuffle the player's cards so other players will not know what they are. The majority of cards are plain numbered cards with values of 1-6. There are also the following extra cards:[1]

Special Card

Play a Special card to perform one of the following three acts:

  1. Roulette. Stop the roulette between 1 and S (7) then move the same number of spaces.[1]
  2. Exchange cards with another player.[1]
  3. Steal from another player. Randomly takes up to 7 cards.[1]

Eggman Card

A roulette with 16 grades of evil will spin if someone plays an Eggman card.[1]

Eggman's 4

Eggman may decide to replace one of the player's 1 cards for an Eggman 4. The player can use this card like any other 4.[1]


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