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Maga[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is an ancient city deep within the Great Mountains which was the resting place of the Secret Scrolls.


Maga is a long-lost and forgotten city. It has ancient writings scattered across its buildings that point those who can solve their riddles to the Secret Scrolls. It has several traps, such as a wall of invisibility or a rapidly-growing hedge, to keep out intruders.[1]


Using the Freedom Stormer, the Knothole Freedom Fighters went in search of Maga in order to acquire the Secret Scrolls. Arriving there, they were able to solve the various riddles, with Nicole translating the text for them. Eventually, they got their hands on the Secret Scrolls, only to be cornered by Dr. Robotnik and Snively. The villains attempted to defeat the Freedom Fighters and acquire the scrolls for themselves, but they ultimately failed, and the Freedom Fighters managed to escape from Maga.[1]


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