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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
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Maga[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is an ancient city deep within the Great Mountains which was the resting place of the Secret Scrolls.


The temple in Mg with the Secret Scrolls.

Maga is an ancient, ruined city located in the Great Mountains. The city itself is located on a steep mountain slope. Among the ruins are inscriptions with mysterious riddles that the inhabitants of Maga left behind. These inscriptions lead to the temple that hold the Secret Scrolls, ancient scroll documents that contain information about the Seven Wonders of Mobius.[1]

Among the ruins of Maga are several different, and seemingly magical, places. This includes a hedge that instantly grows back when cut, a shadow that makes everything that enters it become invisible, and a flying chair. Also, inside the temple for the Secret Scrolls are two sets of scrolls, one of which are the Secret Scrolls. If one chooses the wrong scrolls, the whole temple will explode. Maga's temple for the Secret Scrolls also has a secret passage hidden behind one of the walls.[1]

On the cliff at the edge of the city lies one of the Seven Wonders of Mobius, the Breath of Mobius, a tunnel that periodically spew outs strong winds.[1]


TV series

Season one

Maga's temple for the Secret Scrolls.

Coming to Maga in search of the Secret Scrolls, the Knothole Freedom Fighters arrive there in the Freedom Stormer. Although the Knothole Freedom Fighters had trouble landing the Freedom Stormer, Sonic, who had been following the Freedom Stormer on foot, saved them from falling off a cliff by running up to the Freedom Stormer and stopping it. The heroes then went to the ruins, where Sally, using Nicole, translated the first riddle on the Arrow Stone. Proceeding onward, Sonic used his Super Spin to dig through a hedge blocking the path. After his friends had followed him though the hole, the hedge grew back just behind them. Afterward, the heroes reached a wall which they suspected was hiding Maga's temple behind it. Suddenly though, a strong wind began blowing, which the Knothole Freedom Fighters decided to seek shelter from in the shadow under a pillar. They discovered soon after that this shadow made them invisible for as long as they stood within its reach. Following that, the heroes began looking for a chair that would show the way into the temple. Along the way, Sally translated another inscription on the wall with Nicole, which helped them find the chair they sought by following a beam of sunlight. When they sat on it, the chair jumped up and took them to the temple. Inside the temple, Sally managed to choose the real Secret Scrolls, which she translated using Nicole. Through Nicole's translation, the group learning about the existence of the Breath of Mobius.[1]

Suddenly though, Dr. Robotnik, Snively and several Swat-Bots appeared, wanting to take the Secret Scrolls. Acting quickly, Sonic diverted the villains' attention while Sally and the others escaped through the tunnels in the temple. Along the way, they discovered a secret passage leading outside. Sonic joined up with his friends soon after, but with Robotnik's Surveillance Orb in hot pursuit of him. In an attempt to rid themselves of Robotnik and his escort, the Knothole Freedom Fighters decided to lure the doctor and his lackeys near the Breath of Mobius. Sonic promptly went there and hid in the Breath of Mobius's well while Robotnik and his escort closed in on him. When the wind then emerged, Robotnik, Snively and the Swat-Bots were blown off the cliff, while Sonic managed to stay on solid ground thanks to the power of a Power Ring. The Knothole Freedom Fighters then left Maga, and allowed Sonic to pilot Freedom Stormer on the way back home. They did not notice, however, that Dr. Robotnik and Snively had survived the fall, with the villains climbing back up the cliff and cursing the heroes after they had left.[1]


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