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A collectors' gear possessed by the souls of the hunters of legend. Its parts grow and change.

— Description, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity[1]

The Mag (マグ Magu?) is a Board type Extreme Gear that appears in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. When used normally, it has several limitations, such as being unable to perform GP actions. However, it can temporarily overcome those barriers with its Gear Parts.


According to its profile, the Mag is a collectors' Extreme Gear and is possessed by the souls of the hunters of legend. It also says that its parts grow and change. It can be obtained by clearing all of the missions in the game's Story Mode.

The Mag is, like most other Board types in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, thicker than the Extreme Gears seen in Sonic Riders, though not quite as thick as most other Board types presented in the game. It has a rather straight shape, and is colored white on the top half and grey on the lower half, with broad cyan metal accents on the front, and a smaller cyan plate on the rear. It has two foot panels on the board's top surface.

The Mag also possesses an object that hovers above the rear which varies depending on which Gear Part is currently activated; it can either be a blue helmet-like unit with a yellow circle, three white spikes on a circular unit, two thin blue and purple twin-engines on either side of the rear, or two white split wings on either side of the rear.

Abilities and traits

As a Board type Extreme Gear in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, the Mag is well-balanced in its attributes with about average statistics and is suited for general riding.

In a race, the Mag possesses a very small GP Gauge which makes the player unable to perform either Gravity Dive or Gravity Control normally. However, it can bypass several of its limitations with its Gear Parts. Once the player has activated either Base Stats UP and Attack Time UP, the GP Gauge instantly depletes and the player cannot accumulate Gravity Points by any means possible.




Gear Parts

Name Icon Description Requirements
Base Stats UP Gp5.png Improves the basic stats of the Mag. 50 Rings
Attack Time UP Gp5 - Copy (2).png Extends the duration of Attack. 70 Rings
GP Usage UP Unknown Icon.png Grants unlimited GP for 25 seconds. Can be used repeatedly. 100 Rings


  • The board is named after the flying support bit-like item from the Phantasy Star series, the Mag. This board also has a Mag flying behind it.



  1. Official in-game description.

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