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Madge from Sonic the Comic #100. Art by Roberto Corona and colouring by John Burns.

Madge is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is an elderly lady from the Metropolis Zone and the wife of Arthur. She is a kind and caring woman, and frequently clashes with her grumpy and selfish husband.


Following the downfall of Doctor Robotnik's rule of Mobius, Madge was glad that Robotnik and his Badniks were gone for good. She encountered the de-powered Super Sonic while sitting on her porch, and invited him into her house for some soup when she learned that he could not remember who he was.[1]

Madge allowed Super Sonic to stay with her for a while, much to her husband Arthur's consternation. Madge felt sorry for Super Sonic because he had lost his memory and endured terrible nightmares, but Arthur felt no sympathy for him and felt that they couldn't afford to look after him on Arthur's pension. When Super Sonic decided to leave, to find out who he was, Madge was worried that he had nowhere to go. She gave him Arthur's beer money to help him on his travels.[2]



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