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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (film series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Donut Lord lives with Pretzel Lady. She is super nice to animals and strangely was born without bones.

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog

Doctor Maddie Wachowski is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog film. She is a veterinarian and the wife of Tom Wachowski, who later befriends Sonic the Hedgehog.


Maddie is a woman of average height and build with black hair and brown skin and eyes. She wears a wide range of clothing.


Film series


At some point prior in the past, Maddie married Tom Wachowski; while she attended veterinary school, he attended two jobs in order to help her pay rent and tuition. Though her sister, Rachel, disapproves of their relationship and seems to constantly suggest divorce, Maddie and Tom appear to have a healthy and happy relationship.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Upon receiving a letter from the San Francisco Police Department, to which Tom had applied, she purchases two cakes in case of either rejection or acceptance, the first telling him that "San Francisco sucks" and the other saying she "never had a doubt." When he arrives home, she gives him his letter and then excitedly gives him cake upon hearing his application had been accepted. She shows him apartments for rent she had been scoping out, suggesting that she and their dog, Ozzy, fly to San Francisco in order to check out places to live. While he expresses concern at having her leave Green Hills, she assures him that she was happy to sacrifice for him the way he had for her, before questioning if he himself wants to leave.

Maddie in San Francisco.

While in San Francisco, Maddie and Ozzy stay with her sister, Rachel, and Rachel's daughter Jojo. She calls Tom about a day after arriving to check up on him, and shows concern upon being informed that the town experienced a citywide blackout. He mentions that he is going to "surprise" the raccoons outside their house, and she informs him not to use her tranquilizer gun, which is to be used for bears. He ignores her advice, but upon hanging up she smiles, though her sister once again suggests divorce.

Soon after, Tom is declared a domestic terrorist. Maddie attempts to call him, but is unable to due to him ditching his phone for fear of being tracked. He eventually arrives at Rachel's house, to which Maddie lets him in despite her sister's protests. They argue about Tom's situation until Ozzy accidentally reveals that Tom is holding Sonic; Rachel faints upon seeing the alien creature and Tom requests help. She, Tom and Jojo then tie up Rachel to prevent her from calling the police before assisting an unconscious Sonic.

Though Sonic claims to be a hedgehog, as Maddie looks over the creature she expresses confusion over his species and if she can help, though she does point out that he seems healthy, just very banged up, and that his feet are very sore due to his broken shoes. At Tom's suggestion, she attempts smelling salts, which awaken Sonic, who immediately races around the kitchen at incredible speeds. Maddie pulls Tom aside into the living room before finally panicking and asking what is happening, she is surprised to learn that Crazy Carl's claims of the Blue Devil are real, as Tom explains that he had accidentally tranquilized Sonic and now needs to get to the Transamerica Pyramid. Despite Rachel's protests, Maddie eventually decides to believe and help him, as she knows that it is Tom's dream to save lives.

As Tom's car is totaled, Maddie agrees that it would be a good idea to steal Rachel's car, and she, her husband and Sonic head into town, though Tom lets Sonic drive and crash the car into a curb. Once they reach the Transamerica Pyramid, they smuggle Sonic inside in a duffel bag while Tom attempts to get the keycard to the roof where Sonic's rings have landed. Maddie plays along nervously, including when they reach an elevator and have an awkward conversation with other visitors, who believe that Sonic is a human child they are hiding in a bag. Maddie eventually laughs and zips the bag to muffle Sonic's confused dialogue.

Maddie, Tom and Sonic on the roof of the Transamerica Pyramid.

When they reach the roof, Sonic retrieves his rings and thanks Tom, to which Maddie responds that the two of them are "so cute." Sonic eventually declares he has to leave to keep everyone safe, and again thanks Tom for saving his life, to which Maddie seems happy. However, before Sonic can leave, they are surrounded by Doctor Robotnik and his Badniks, though once Robotnik reveals himself in his plane, Maddie and Tom seem unconcerned and Maddie expresses confusion over Robotnik's outfit, and then anger when he refers to her as Tom's "lover." When Robotnik begins to attack, Sonic agrees to protect Tom and Maddie and immediately pushes them off the roof; though he is delayed by Robotnik's ship shooting him, he manages to throw down a ring to transport Tom and Maddie back to Green Hills, where they land in hay in a barn.

When she and her husband reach town, they find Sonic collapsed on the street and Robotnik over him, still in his ship. Tom finds Sonic's rings and attacks Robotnik in order to protect Sonic, and after he is tossed to the street Maddie runs to his side, and then points out that Sonic does not seem to be moving. When Sonic awakens later, due to Tom calling him a friend, Maddie and Tom step back and allow Sonic to knock Robotnik into the Mushroom Planet. She then realizes that they left her sister still tied up in San Francisco and says that they'll never be able to go back, and is happy when Tom responds that he wouldn't want to, and is happy living in Green Hills with the people he loves. At that, she and Tom return home with Sonic.

Some time later, they are repainting their house, which was damaged when Robotnik first attempted to capture Sonic. They are then greeted by Commander Walters, who gives them a $50 gift card to Olive Garden as a bribe for keeping quiet about the events of the film. He questions if they have been in contact with Sonic, and they claim they haven't heard from him before Maddie closes the door on him, and the two of them then go to talk to Sonic, who is in the living room. They tell him that as it is a "school night," he should return to his cave; however, as he begins to leave, they then direct him to the attic.

Maddie and Tom welcoming Sonic home.

Sonic then discovers that Tom and Maddie have moved all his belongings into the attic, which they have fashioned into a bedroom for him, complete with a racecar bed. Sonic is shocked and then ecstatic, racing around before dropping on the bed. Maddie then sits beside him with her husband and welcomes him home.


As a veterinarian, Maddie cares deeply about living creatures and enjoys helping them to heal. She scolds Tom not to shoot the raccoons that get into their trash with her dart gun and gets annoyed with him when she finds out he shot Sonic with it. She also shows sympathy for Sonic when she sees that his feet hurt because he wore through his sneakers. She works well under-pressure and shows emotional and intellectual maturity. She is very loving and supportive of her husband. She made him a cake to congratulate him in case he got the job he wanted in San Francisco and another cake in case he did not get it. She also tells him that since he has made sacrifices for her, she is happy to sacrifice for him.





"You sacrificed for me, I'm happy to sacrifice for you."
—Maddie, to Tom.
"Your surprise better not be my tranquilizer gun."
—Maddie, about Tom informing her he plans to "surprise" the raccoons.
"I'm a vet, Tom, I don't even know what I'm looking at here."
—Maddie, about Sonic.
"Ah, first of all, can we take a moment to acknowledge how under control I've been? Didn't freak out, totally calm?"
—Maddie, about Sonic.
"Okay, you said you wanted to help people in real trouble, right? Well, that's what you're doing. Blue alien hedgehogs still count as people, right?"
—Maddie, to Tom.


  • Her first name was originally reported to be Annie, but it was Maddie in the finished film.[1][2]


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